2015 Goal Setting

With 2014 behind you it is now time to embrace the New Year that lies ahead. What will it hold for you?

What will you achieve in the following 12 months? How do you plan to spend your time over the next 352 weeks? So many possibilities, we are on the cusp of our future year! What do you want to leave behind and what new do you want to take into this year to come?

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New beginnings are always exciting times, we are filled with energy and zest for our fresh ideas and plans to be manifested. Sometimes we can be overzealous and overestimate our ability or set the bar a little high. This is not a bad thing, it is great to have the drive and belief in yourself to go and hit your target.

But instead of giving up on yourself when you don’t make it over that high bar…. dust yourself off and try again. This time you will have learned from before and will have grown, helping you get over that high bar. We are always offered new beginnings, every moment is new! But collectively, the beginning of our calendar year is always a good time to set those New Year’s resolutions and get up and try again.

A Giant Jigsaw Puzzle:

See your life as one big puzzle. A beautiful jigsaw puzzle. When completed you can look back on all the pieces put together and the magnificence of your masterpiece, your life.

This puzzle is made up of many random and assorted pieces. Some of these pieces do not yet exist…some are waiting your attention to be made. They have no colour or image on them yet. It is up to you to create, design and complete the quality and picture on those pieces of your puzzle. Then, and only then can you start to fit pieces together to make your jigsaw puzzle complete.

So, if we look at this another way, if you don’t put in the effort to create the little pieces of your life’s puzzle it will never get close to your desired outcome. That is why we need to set our goals so we can work towards creating those little puzzle pieces.

Here are a few tips:

Dream Big – Start with the grand and completed puzzle. This is a snapshot of you in (for example -) 10 years’ time. Dream it up and be as creative as possible.

Categories – Break your dream/puzzle into pieces. Categories like: Career, Finance, Relationships, Home Life, Hobbies, Skills, Children, Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Education, this list can go on…..

Time Plan – Once you have your categories then you need to give them a time line. Break each category into small chunks that can be realistically achieved within a certain time.

For example, if you want to be a rocket scientist, you would need to start with a science education to begin with…. You get me, right?!

Main this is, have fun this 2015! The choice is yours, be the creator of your life.


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