3 Tips to Heighten your Consciousness

Journal: Journal your dreams, your week, your emotions, what you eat/ drink, even how you sleep. By journaling you become aware of all that you do. We live in a fast, high tech world, apps and services that save time, fast food and power drinks created to make you more productive in less time…. but is it just numbing the experience of living and cutting you off from who you are meant to be? Taking us further away from ‘being’… human beings? Why are we always racing against the cloc


By journaling your experiences, you give yourself time to reflect on what you did do, how you felt doing it. It opens you up to realise how present you are or perhaps how you are neglecting your time. This also allows you to contemplate on all the things you are grateful for too.k?  Ask yourself ‘Where are we so desperately needing to go?’ If we are always chasing time, will we ever get there?

Connect to your senses: As simple as it sounds we are dependent on our senses to function in this world. But how often do we take it all for granted?

Our nose inhales the scents and odours that set the scene in our environment, which has an impact on our emotions, thoughts and feelings. Our ears listen to the echoes, the squeaks, the stillness and the voices that cause us to react in many ways. Our mouth always tasting all the possible flavours – synthetic and natural and deciphering what we want and need.ways-to-heighten-your-senses-mind-map

We depend on our skin, our hands to touch, feel and to connect to the temperatures and textures around us. And our eyes depicting light and opening us to the creative world we see.

You also have your more refined sixth senses – do you use them too? How often do you depend on them? How much of the full picture are you sensing? Don’t get overwhelmed by your senses but rather learn to appreciate them and use them in this sensual world. You then realise there is nowhere better to be then her now.

Appreciate difference: We live in a world where we depend on opposites. Polar opposite coexist to give us the full picture. Day/night, male/female, up/down, loud/quite, extrovert/introvert…. I could go on but you get the idea. Both aspects exist within us to make us whole. Are we ever both? That Neutral Mind is something we must cultivate. We oscillate from one to the other, seeking harmony. One cannot exist without the other. Acceptance of you as a whole is key, then balance is possible.

For example: if we spend our lives pushing, in stress mode, on and engaged always…. We will burn out, we will always chase and never receive. This may be something you have already experienced and you may notice how you do naturally try to make time to balance otherwise you know you will crash.  If we teach ourselves to appreciate the nature of our energy, we make time to rest, to relax, to relish and to receive.


It is not just about work mode, stress and relaxation. Accepting your own individuality, what aspects make you you can be a great form of raising your awareness. We often find we criticise elements of ourselves, but if we appreciate that that is who we are and each element has a strength and positive side to it we embrace who we are. This way, going with the nature of your individual energy is a lot easier. Yay!
Energy is a cycle. Day turns to night and back to day again. Trust the cycle of energy of life….

These are just a few ways to become more aware of who you are and how you live your life. Enjoy! :0)

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