7 Ways to Get Grounded

Feeling rocked?  Or a little unsettled? Get yourself Grounded and feel secure with in.

Here are a few tips and techniques to help you get connected to who you are, to the life you live and to the world we live in.

  1. Bare foot walks: Walk bare foot in the sand or grass. Feel the earth in-between your feet. A walking meditation and a reconnection for the soul.
  2. Balancing Yoga Poses: Like Tree pose (vrksasana), balancing on one leg focuses you into this moment, builds strength in the leg muscles and pelvic floor. Holding the pose each side for at least 5-8 breaths, try these poses too: Dancer, Warrior 3 or Flying Warrior, Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana or Arm balances.
  3. Hug Trees: Speaking of trees… ever hug a tree? It is odd and totally a hippy move but so much fun! Get connected to the trees grounding, and hug it into you!! 😉 Or sit under a tree and meditate on its Roots and your roots merging.
  4. Leg Strength: Squats & Lunges, quad and hamstring strengthening exercises are great for this. Build heat in your muscles and make your stance strong.
  5. Hill Trek: Get out in the fresh air, climb a mountain or a hill! Activity for your legs, fresh air for your lungs and a great connection to nature.
  6. Gardening: Getting stuck into nature is a great grounding technique. Simply growing herbs on your window sill or getting soil and earth under your nails digging and planting new flowers and trees!
  7. Eating Root Veg: eating earthy root veg is great to draw upon the nutrients of the earth and digest them into your body. Stews, mash, country meals, yum!

Grounding is all part of our Root Chakra, we need this energy to be balanced in order to feel secure, stable, connected to life. It is linked with our family, our upbringing and conditioning. Our financial issues and view on money comes from here too. If out of balance you may feel insecure, fearful, stubborn, oppressed or lost. Learn more about the Chakras and book into the next Chakra yoga workshop to find out how you can balance and heal your Base Chakra.

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