Active Birth Preparation Workshop

Active Birth Preparation is a wonderful workshop designed to teach prepare mamas-to-be for labour and birth and provide lots of information, top tips and practical advise for birth partners too.

Danielle has used her background in Yoga and Wellness Coaching to create a jam packed workshop that will leave you feeling empowered and with loads of tips to keep you balanced through labour and birth.  

    What will we cover in the workshop

Mental Comprehension of Birth:

  • Simplified Basics
  • Approaching the 6 weeks before Birth
  • Stages of Labour
  • Hormones
  • What can the Father/birth partner do?
  • Hospital Bag


Physical Preparation for Birth:

  • Relaxation & Meditation techniques and scripts
  • Breathing Exercises for Labour, Birth and Postnataly
  • Active Labour Positions
  • Birth Positions
  • Affirmations
  • Walking the Labyrinth
  • Guided Visualization
  • Pregnancy & Yoga
  • Massage
  • Birthing Ball


Postnatal Preparation

  • Tips for the First 6 Weeks after Birth


10:30am – 5pm (with a 1 hour break for lunch)

Birth Partners/Fathers are welcome to attend all or part of the workshop.

Includes a booklet packed with an abundance of information, resources, scripts, and image guides for positions.


Private (couple) £250

Group workshop in a studio £170 per person

This can be done in two 2.5hr sessions or 1 hr classes x 6. or as one day with a lunch break

Active Birth Preparation Payment Options

To schedule or inquire about this workshop further connect me by email.


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