Angel, Crystal and Colour Healing

Angel Healing

Healing with the Angels is very popular. Angels are pure beings of radiant energy. They work with humans and beings of earth to assist them in their daily life. Angels can be called upon to assist in every moment. Love Angels, Exam Angels, Diet Angels… Angels for everything! There are also Archangels and these beautiful beings are known to assist in healing sessions, they can be called into assist the practitioner. Each Chakra is linked to anArchangel, for example Archangel Uriel for the Root Chakra and Archangel Michael heals with Blue for the Throat Chakra. I have found this an extremely powerful healing technique as I am guided by the Angels messages.

Colour Healing

This is a technique where the practitioner uses guided visualisation to bring the colours of the chakras into the clients body and release negative feelings – like fear, guilt and elevate the client filling them with uplifting affirmations and vibrant colours. Guided visualisation is really beneficial especially if the client is very imaginative. The power of the mind is really quite incredible. The mind can be guided by imagination and believe the powerful visualisation created.

Crystal Healing

Using the powerful crystals and gems to assist a healing can be felt and quite profound.Crystalshave a strong energetic field and with automatically tune into to your frequency – if your energy is low it will correct the energy and raise it to match its vibration. A crystal healing has many various layouts and can be used by simply placing a small crystal on the body or place many around the client and used to cleanse each chakra. Clear Quartz is an excellent healing crystal. Other popular powerful stones are Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Fluorite and Turquoise.

Contact Danielle for a healing treatment. I use a combination of treatments depending on the clients needs. All treatments are calming and rexlaing.

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