Appreciate all that you are ❤

Heal from within ❤

Recognize your heart space and understand the limitless power that is within you.You can heal through your heart space, stop looking for outside quick fixes. The real healing and cure is to know who you are and the love all that you are. Learn to trust your every move and be responsible for your actions and reactions. Have self-discipline and make the time for you. Without you what is your life about. You have heard this before but perhaps dismissed it. Laughed it off as pointless, or unrealistic, or not conducive to where you are in your life at the moment.

Well, if you are looking for a change to your well-being then really, stop and check out if you are looking after yourself, your health and well-being. Looking after yourself doesn’t mean stopping your job or giving up on people. Make time to check in, listen to where you are. Trust your instincts and respect your boundaries. Giving yourself as little as 15 mins in the morning and evening is going to make a difference. Making changes so you have more time will start to impact your life and your health. This time gives you the opportunity to develop our awareness and awareness of yourself allows you to navigate through life with a little more ease.

This all sounds like a lot of tough work but really we have all just become too dependent on others and outside cures that never really allow us to find the root of our suffering. Love yourself, warts and all!!  ❤

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