Big News & Insight on this Powerful Day of Light!

Summer Solstice & Full Moon Blessings!

Hello & Happy Day of Light to you!!

It has been quite a while since I posted on my blog, I have been meaning to for ages now. Actually I have written this post several times, but for some reason never followed through…

I felt I needed to explain my absence from posting – then I got carried away in some ‘stuff’ and excuses, which was unnecessary and then time was passing and I still hadn’t shared with you my BIG NEWS!!


So to prevent me going off into a tangent I need to come out with it straight away!!

I’m pregnant! Wohoo!

Actually, I am 7 months pregnant! Wow how time flies when you are busy!
I duno why that took so long for me to share –  well I have a list of things that have kept me extremely busy but nevertheless there ya go!


I am going to continue with a break from blogging for a while, work has taken over here in London and soon I will have my hands full with my little lad – oh yes – I am having a boy this September!!

But before I officially sign out here is a final update and Energy Insight:


I have wanted to blog so many times – especially as it is my outlet and my connection to what I love: the Universal Energy and all its amazing connections – the lunar cycle, the emotional and mental energies we can all intuitively pick up on, the astrological insights and the yoga movements that keep us grounded in this wonderful play of energy…. I could write and talk about this at length but I have been kept quite busy and limited on time to ramble on about my energy insights 😉


I have also focused on an inner shift and enjoyed the more personal reflections then global insights of late. I have learnt so much in the last year and a half, since moving country and closing my business back in Dublin, I delved into the depth of my dark emotions that kept me buried for a while but taught me so much, and now I am enjoying the creation of life that is growing in me with every day – I have never been so amazed in my body before. This current transformation is radically beautiful!

So, I am grateful for the time I have to explore these emotional, mental, energetic and now physical challenges as they have showed me so much and continue to teach me more each day.

I still yearn to get back to teaching, but for now I am enjoying a time of learning, being the student and I feel comfortable to admit that being a teacher involves accepting that learning is a huge process that needs to be honoured in order for it to be fully integrated before being shared.

Perhaps, next year I will be in a position to reopen my business again – a modified version of it. Even though I still see clients occasionally and I am teaching yoga here in London, I am not fully committed to Yoga Energy. My role with my husband’s business F45 Training is my full time job. And I love it! I love the community I get to interact with on a daily basis there, it helps to fill the void I feel when I miss those who I saw on a weekly basis at class, workshops and in individual sessions back home. So watch this space, I no doubt will return to my passion for teaching soon.


I will leave you with a short note on the insight for today’s energy:


Full Moon & Summer Solstice

A Powerful Energy Day of High Light!


Today we celebrate the Summer Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) – the day of greatest light. The longest day of the year. The Sun shines its peak light during our annual journey around this powerful life force the Sun. Solstice = standing still. Take time to stand still and honour the Great Light of Life that surrounds you. Whatever this means to you – pause to appreciate life. For all life is light!


It is also the Full Moon today. Full Moon in Sagittarius – Mutable Fire, the philosophical adventurer.  Set free your cares and worries (Full Moon is all about release), allow curiously to carry you to the edge of your thoughts and desires then let it all go. Be the archer – aim and let go. Trust that your ‘bow’ will land your desired target. Throwing caution to the wind, allow this Full Moon release your fears that may be preventing you standing in your true full Light!


With this amount of Light being felt on Earth today – it is wise to relinquish the heaviness that holds you in shadows and bathe in Light that will propel you through the next six months to the Winter Solstice.


These two events have not coincided in more than 70 years! And will not dance together again on this day until 2094. Both will be seen in full light this evening at the same time!

Be luminous! Feel the heightened energy this is beaming to Earth today. Emotions may run high and mental processes can be excessive so check in to honour this Light. Reassure yourself that this significant boundless Universal Energy is causing a big awakening on our planet. Some may feel this, some may not. You may feel shook by this in a negative way or on a highly positive way. Either way, know that these cosmic coincidences are not merely that but part of a great play of energy awakening us all prompting an evolution of awareness to follow suit.


Set your Summer Solstice intention this evening and let it be filled with the abundant Light of this High Powered day!


Hugs and love to you