Big Shift – A Gate is Opening!

Solar Eclipse / Super New Moon / Spring Equinox  

With all this big energy about at the moment, we seem to be getting carried away, loosing ourselves and feeling unsettled. We feel tested to be present or under a pressure that realistically does not need to exist.

Are you feeling like this too?

The reason I bring this up is because when i talked to friend about this we all seemed to offer a similar story, – we are all feeling this, like there is a pinch in the air.  There is a collective shift taking place. You may be blaming it on something else but at the core of it this is why….If you are sensitive to energy, you are no doubt feeling this planetary shift in some way. That is why I call this a Big Squeeze!

Our Earth has gone through many, many shifts, but perhaps this is the first shift you are aware of, perhaps you have been aware of the past one in recent years, but now you are in a place that is ready to go with this shift. Are you ready?

Well, to solve this feeling of being squeezed, I have written out my top tips for rebooting our system, staying grounded and adapting to this shift in energy. I have always found these routines and rituals to be the most beneficial, especially at times like these.  Routine is essential when the energy is shifting so let’s make this a routine every day!

I know we all have busy lives and our time is zapped up quick, but if you start and end your day with just 30 mins for only you – you will feel a lot more in control. Plus this is a super way to clear negative energy, boost your chakras and revitalize your system!

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What is this Shift all about?

I wrote about this energy last week briefly outlining the super energy dates that we are going through. My spiritual mentors in the past have always reminded me of the significance on tuning in and being with the energy of the sun and moon. The Solstice and Equinox energy are paramount to our Soul energy, as are the Full and New Moon Energies. So how great is it that two of these events are simultaneously coinciding to form a Solar Eclipse.

20th March – Solar Eclipse

20th March – Super New Moon

21st March – Spring Equinox

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This shift in energy is pulling up all the bits in us that need to be looked at and released. You can view the Solar Eclipse as a merging or Union of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Our Dark (Moon) embraces our Light (Sun) and for a while they are one. Neither one is ‘good’ nor ‘bad’ – both exist to create a whole. Union is the goal of our energy, of our Soul. To be able to unite, anything that is not serving you is being called to attention, either address it, accept it or change it.

This eclipse is a gateway for you and your Soul to be united and then it is up to you to maintain this feeling – Morning & Evening Routine.

All that you may be feeling of late is just your Soul causing you to get on track so you can experience this state of Union.  If you are feeling shook, you are been shaken for a reason, because that aspect of you needs to be addressed, healed and embraced.

A gate is opening, this is your chance, embrace it!



I must add that I have always allowed my spirits to peak at these celestial and cosmic events, often my expectations were way too high. I used to assume that all the visions I saw would actually materialise – disappointment followed if my physical world stayed the same. This is silly to assume that the 3D (physical) world will change with a nonphysical vibration overnight.

The thing I have learned from these events is that massive shifts do take place, they are generally nonphysical – like the same way your Aura and Chakras exists but you don’t have a physical gauge on them. I have seen great changes in my intuition during times like these, I have made great connections with my Soul energy and felt uplifted from that.

The things that change my physical world are the physical routines I put in place, leading up to, during and following these celestial and cosmic events. These Morning and Evening Rituals are my basic ‘go-to’ routines to get me physically on board with the energy shifts taking place. Try it out for yourself, you may add to this things that you feel necessary and adapt the affirmations and intentions to suit your own needs.


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