Black Moon of Deep Healing

Happy New Moon Blessings!

New Moon in Aquarius 18th Feb. Also known as the Black Moon. Hmmm… Intrigued?! Read on….

I have been all over the place these last few days, literally, I stayed in different places almost each night of the last few days, between Dublin and London. I loved my trip home to Dublin, I was so happy to be back teaching and had so much fun being back with family and friends. Back in London now, we moved into our apartment yesterday! Needless to say things are a bit chaotic but I am excited to get settled in and explore my new neighbourhood – Here’s to a new start!

Lots of new beginnings which is great timing as we draw upon the energy of the Black Moon.  For those of you also feeling this ‘newness’ energy and a big shift taking place then this article may help you to feel a bit more assured.

THE BLACK MOON: The Black Moon is called so for a few reasons: 1) If there are three New Moons in one season. 2) If there are two New Moons in one solar month. We have both of these here. It is bound to happen at one point in the year are there are thirteen lunar cycles a year and twelve solar months. In 2015, Aquarius is blessed with this Black Moon Energy.

The nights are dark as the Moon comes in-between us and the Sun, I see this as a time to be quiet. As if the Moon is placing a soft finger to the Sun’s mouth – ‘Hush, let us honour the stirrings of rebirth and new beginnings’.

TRUE SELF: As I mentioned on Friday at my lunar workshop, this year- 2015 has been a seriously BIG NEW YEAR. We have seen some strong astrological energies ask us to get real and face change – A Big Shift. From your emails and talking to you, I know I am not the only one feeling this energy. We are not being asked to just rehash our previous attempts at a New Year goal, to secure an improved version of last year’s attempts. No, we are being asked to make fundamental changes. To embrace the real and True Self.

“False peace is no peace at all, and words unspoken do not remain silent but instead hang in the air creating atmospheres and disharmony even as they resist articulation.” – Sarah Varcas

Don’t lie to yourself now, this is not the time to hide from the truth, this is your golden opportunity to embrace what your heart truly desires. Listen to the words you are not speaking aloud, this New Moon is offering you a chance to get quiet and listen to those unspoken truths. Regardless of how you express them, they are influencing on your reality. Let the New Moon be a time to honour these truths and rebirth yourself into an honest peace.

HARMONY: What do you truly desire? It is your birth-right to receive pleasure, find pleasure in your passions, get honest about what you love to do and be it!  What shift is taking place that is causing you to embrace that? Find the courage to be reborn this New Moon, be willing to grow from wounds and past experiences – Expand yourself to be strong enough to attain wholeness. That sense of wholeness is gratifying, it is what we are seeking.

There is no quick-fix to attain harmony and wholeness but every experience is offering you a chance to be present in life fully. The dual-like quality of life is simply that – two sides of one coin that make up the whole. Every emotion and feeling has an opponent – happiness and sadness.

To keep it simple there are always two sides to each experience. Fear and love-based emotions, mentioned last week, are always in a dance together. You cannot escape one forever but you can embrace it fully and be present with one side at one time, so that, on completion of your grand life experience you have experienced both sides of your unique life journey.

HEALING: This time of New Beginnings is energetically helping us to do this deep healing work so that a shift can take place. Honour this time and practice embracing the storm or that inner swirl of emotions and thoughts that are ever-present. Take responsibility for your emotions, thoughts and energy and respect that you are here to learn how to ride out the storm, to become a pro at handling life’s swirling waves.

This swirl can be seen two ways: that it fills us with the abundance of love that creates this vast, infinite Universe or it can be viewed as a storm that is dark and fearful and all engulfing. Are you willing to see yourself as part of something greater or are you just on your own?

Creative and Destructive energy co-exist – hence the swirl analogy. Just like the New and Full Moon or even simpler the inhale and exhale. Neither one is ‘bad’, both need to co-exist for wholeness, harmony and healing. The healing that we can take part in is only a choice of how to view this swirl of energy that is our life, our Universe. Once you embrace it, unnecessary false-peace dissolves. That choice is yours to take!

Honour this energy and rebirth of the True Self. Let go of what you are resisting and accept what is now. Know that quite simply the tables can and will turn. You are part of something greater – let go of that pull into the shadows and ask yourself who do you want to be?

New Moon Rituals:

Sit in a space and practice being still. Observe what comes up. Ask yourself the questions mentioned above. Cultivate an awareness of your breath, let that be your anchor, your breath never gives up why should you?!

Create a sacred space, with candles, music, incense or essential oils.

For more read this Full Version of Moon Rituals


Time to recharge your crystals: lay them in a grid with the intention for recharging and rebirth. Or place them in soil or uncooked rice (throw away after using the rice) to cleanse and revitalise them.

Yoga Poses:

Stretch your ankles with a yin ankle stretch pose. Kneeling and sitting on your heels, lean back and lift your knees off the floor. You should feel a good stretch into the front of your feet and ankles.

Lotus Pose. Seated cross legged (advance version with both feet crossed onto the thighs)

Or Half Lotus variations. Sitting: place one foot onto the thigh and opposing groin (as high up as possible), sit up tall. If comfortable with the knee and foot, fold forward, reach hands to foot or leg. Strong back, heart reaching to the toes of the straight leg.  Or if standing, hold the balance (like tree pose) or fold forward to challenge the posture.