Get Moving!

About two weeks ago I was really feeling a bit of wedding strain. And what suffered was my home practice. When I practice yoga at home, I create the space to be on my mat, time to express myself; my practice can vary from dynamic to yin depending on my mood, I listen to what I need. But when I felt stressed I found I spent more time running around panicking and before I knew it I hadn’t done a good full practice in almost 2 weeks. So in order to get my ass back in gear I signed up to a class pass in a local studio to help just get me back on my mat. It meant I just had to turn up and follow. I couldn’t find a distraction in my home to pull me off my mat. Already one week in and I feel fab!

What this reminded me is that yoga is a practice for our mind. My mental state was the thing pulling me away from my mat, nothing else. I had been stuck in my head and without an outlet for this mental stress I created a vicious circle whereby I let mental stress pour into my body, and then out into my daily life, having a knock on effect on my practice, what I ate and how I balanced my life.

So, the first step is to just start moving. Whatever it is just start. Take a moment to pull away, to breathe, to sweat! Especially with the warm weather we are having, what ever you do you should sweat a little. And sweating is so good to release toxins in the body. Don’t forget that our mental state can create toxins – adrenalin and cortisol need to be flushed out! So sweat and move them out! And feel the rush of positive endorphins running throughout your body! I found myself actually smiling broadly during my practice; it lifted my spirits so much I was on a high…. Something I had really been missing. I love yoga rushes!! J

What a difference movement makes for the mind. No matter what your practice or fitness choice is – yoga, running, weight lifting, swimming the list is endless – the point is just get moving! You will feel the difference! Your intention may be to loose weight or gain muscle but really no matter what movement you find yourself doing it will have a positive effect on your mind, therefore allowing the positive mental state open up the on other levels  – diet, sleep, life balance …. Benefits are endless! Enjoy!

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