Bouncing Cells of the Universe

Thoughts from my meditation:

While I lay on the grass, getting bitten by mosquitos (yes, two big bites on my ass!) and listening to my dogs pant and play beside me. I looked up to the sky, watched the clouds morph and float by. Two birds were soaring together with the flow of air currents, flapping their wings and then gliding in synchronicity. This was just a short moment yet it stood out as something very significant.

I begin my expanded consciousness meditation. Feeling a little more distracted out in the open yet at the same time I felt a deeper connection. I had earth beneath me, air and space above me. I am composed of mostly water and my energy, my spirit is the fire.

I didn’t travel far today, eyes open, I watched the flickering sparks of the grid above me. Gazed on auras and glows of colour but didn’t dwell there. Instead the realisation came to me. I am a body, atoms and cells bouncing around to make up my tissues that form my body. My body is just like these atoms and cells.

I am bouncing around my garden in this world; part of my family, my community, my country, and this planet. This planet is part of one Solar System, which is a fragment of the Galaxy and the Galaxy is a piece of this Universe.  I am a cell of the Universe.

My cells (if they had a voice) would say they are part of me. They are me. They make up me, they work to keep me ticking. All my cells have a job – to keep me functioning at my optimal health and wellbeing. They make a whole and they have their own individuality.

If I am a cell of the Universe then I am not ready to stop contributing to the energy of this Universe. I have a voice and I say I am the Universe. As are you! We are here to offer our individuality to make up a whole. We are One!


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