Breakthrough in the midst of Struggle- Full Moon in Aquarius 2014

Full Moon, Super Moon in Aquarius, August 10th 2014

It has been wonderful holiday so far, I know I said I would stay away from blogging, posting and thinking of work- but this, I felt compelled to share. I tend to get the biggest surges of inspiration nearing the Full Moons and this one was no exception. In fact, it was even more creative and thought provoking than normal, probably due to me taking the time to relax and let go while on holidays.

Normally, I would work while away, like when we travelled Asia we worked for most of the day while still enjoying the atmosphere and holiday vibe. Some days we worked long hours, really long hours. I was doing an online course had modules to complete, website tweaks and blogging to do, or penning my book and writing flow couldn’t be broken.

This holiday came and I have never needed a holiday like it before. My world feels like a snow globe at the mo, things have never been so shook up for me and just when I feel it is about to settle another aspect gets rocked and I am still reeling…. (Sign up to my newsletter to get the latest on this when I do feel ready to share…)

This holiday I made a pact to myself, a promise that I would take time for self-healing, to apply what I teach to myself and focus on some serious life changing concepts. I have some ground still to cover but I am thrilled to say so far I am loving this time to myself. Time to look after me, be selfish guilt-free and just allow things to rise within me, to be processed, cleared, forgiven and then loved.

So, the Full Moon on Sunday 10th August is a biggie – literally too! It is a Leo-Aquarius Full Moon. It’s one of 3 super moons this year, closest to the earth so it should look bigger that normal too.

It is calling for us to release the old patterns that are holding us back from being true to ourselves, to let go of the need to do what everyone expects, or even of the expectations we put on ourselves. It is time to feel comfortable in our own skin, be passionate about who we are and let our authenticity shine out in full glory! Similar to the New Moon two weeks ago in Leo, asking us to let our light ROAR and be fully present in our Divine nature. We are seeking equilibrium, and in order to assist that process let go of what is not needed with the help of this Full Moon. Letting go requires reflection, acceptance, forgiveness and healing love for you and all.

The Full Moon is always about feeling full – full of ideas, full of creativity, full of emotion. Whatever it is, feel it in its fullest! It is also a time of letting go of unwanted energies. Anything that has not served you can be relinquished. From your New Moon intentions you can see what needs to be given up, allow that release to make space for your creative desires to come into full bloom. Use the force of the Full Moon to transform and change aspects of your life.

I love this insight from Molly Hall on Mystic Mama, it inspired this post as it literally felt like it was written for me:

 “Some of the Full Moon release could be of stuck psychic energies, that cry out to be aired and healed…Aquarius is like an unexpected breeze on a hot summer day. It’s the surprise breakthrough that comes in the midst of struggle. Or a startling event that wakes you up, like a cosmic alarm clock.” – Mystic Mama


I hope you are feeling the same burst of creative energy and element of breakthrough. For me, it is a wonderful addition to my current healing state. As always I will be doing some form of ritual and celebrations of the Moon (looking forward to my Yin Yoga and Lunar workshops returning in Sept) or check out this post on Full Moon Rituals


Here’s how I am preparing to celebrate the Full Moon:

While in Tarfia, Spain for the weekend I will be hunting out a beautiful spot at the beach, Rob’s kitesurfing instructor has told me of a nice meditation perch overlooking the sea. I am going to take some time out to just be there, set my intentions; what I wish to let go of, what I need to forgive and focus on self-love and acceptance.

Meditation: once you have written out the below just let it go, don’t hold tension or expectations, just put it out there, send it to the moon or whatever feels best for you – the cosmos, give it to your Angels, just let it be known it will manifest in the best way for you. Focus on your breath – how you breathe, where you breathe into in your body. Relaxing all the muscles in your face and head and enjoy the bliss of being.

I also like to light candles (do some trataka) and do a night time ritual of sorts, layout my crystals in a grid with the moon light, burn some incense or candles. Then, I play music and meditate like I said above.

You have to make this time of honouring the Full Moon Energy and the energy within you special to you. I hope my hints and tips are beneficial to you and give you some inspiration to make some magic happen with this Full Moon… Comment below with your Full Moon Ritual and Celebration ideas and tips….



Full Moon Ritual:

  • Set your intentions.
    • Write them or type them out.
    • Write a list of your dreams and desires.
    • Write it in the present tense as if you are it now.
  • Create a sacred space indoors, like an altar or quiet space just for you.
    • Or find somewhere tranquil outdoors for a few moments of meditation.
  • Light candles, incense and place any images or photos that will enhance this sacred space.
  • Layout your crystals with your intentions in mind. Make a crystal grid in front of you or a circle around you.
  • Spend at minimum 10 mins focusing on your breath
    • Breathe in and believe your intentions
    • Breathe out and let go of how it comes to you – but it does come J
  • Or do a guided meditation. Listen to some relaxing music.
  • When complete, offer thanks. Gratitude will speed up your manifestation ability!! 😉 Then let it all go. Leave the path by which this intentions come to be created, no control, just a knowing and a belief that your intentions will be manifested.

Love and Light



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