Chakra Yoga Workshop in Dublin Holistic Centre

If you are staying in Dublin this Easter this is a great way to start the weekend, treat yourself! Activate and energise your body. Join me for this fun and energetic Chakra Yoga Workshop.

There are seven main chakras in the body; each one interacts with the body and its endocrine and lymphatic system by feeding in good energy and disposing of unwanted energy. It is important for our health and well being to prevent ‘dis-ease’ by nourishing these chakras. Yoga is of great benefit to the chakras, as the postures (asanas) assist in freeing up prana (life force energy). As you perform the bending, stretching and twisting poses, you help prana to flow freely throughout the energy channels of the body.

The workshop will introduce you to each chakra and their function, then using specific poses we will awaken and raise the energy of each Chakra from root to crown. We will finish with breath work (Pranayama) and a Chakra Meditation.

Level: Open to all levels of yoga practitioners, some experience may be helpful. This is a dynamic flow to invigorate and energise.

Location: Dublin Holistic Centre, Studio 1

Date: 7th April 2012 10:30-12:30pm

Cost: €25 Early Bird Book before 25th March and only Pay €20

Contact: Danielle 0876922309

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