Chakra Yoga Workshops 2015

Chakra Yoga Workshops in Dublin 2015 (18th & 24th April) See EVENTS for more >>

My favourite! I love teaching about the chakras, as you know. And my book that I am writing is an expansion of what I teach here. These workshops are similarly designed to focus on particular energy centres of our subtle body. The chakras relate to physical, emotional and mental aspects of ourselves.


The yoga poses are different in each of the 6 workshops. The workshops are 2.5 hrs and include a booklet of information and home practice sequence, a discussion of the energy and how to apply it to your life, breathing exercises, a full yoga sequence and a guided healing meditation.


Saturday 18th April  10am-12:30pm

The Solar Plexus Chakra WorkshopAll about our proactivity, strength and vest for life. Confidence and happiness. We meditate on our ability to transform energy that we use for our benefit and that of other too! Working on how to strengthen and honour our connection to Sun and fire like aspects of ourselves – creative and lifegiving, and conversely destructive and harmful if misused and abused. And how to overcome self esteem issues. A strong and dynamic practice , core work strength work, detoxifying twists and a bit of laughter in there too!

€35 (2.5hrs)

Friday 24th April  6.30pm-8:30pm ( please arrive early as this class will start at 6.30pm sharp)

The Throat Chakra WorkshopAll about our healing and creative ability through sound. Expression and communication. The yoga practice touches on all chakras lead by the breath and sound. in particular we focus on our back and opening up to release blocks and go beyond vulnerability. back bending poses. We meditate on truth and our reality, there isa beautiful chanting session at the end, you can join in or just listen to the music.  This is a very transformative session on a much deeper or subtle level.

€25 (2hrs)