Chakra Yoga

Firstly, What is yoga?

Yoga means union; to unite body and mind, emotions and soul. To bring us back to ourselves, connecting our higher self with our physical self. That union brings about an incredible sense of bliss.

When you synchronize your breath with movement, you disconnect from a chattering mind and tune into your heart, you will be present in that moment and nothing can take away that feeling of being grounded but totally high!


The 8 Limbs of Yoga

When we analyse these 8 principals we find the key to harmonious living encased within. Explaining these in a nutshell they are –


  1. Yama : external codes/ value system towards outside world – how to live in this world
  2. Niyama : internal codes/ how to maintain pure on internal personal  level
  3. Asana : Posture/ How I hold my body
  4. Pranayama : breath control/regulation of breath
  5. Pratyahara : withdrawal of senses / not being their slave
  6. Dharana  : fixing the mind on an object/directing attention /concentration
  7. Dhyana : Meditation
  8. Samadhi: Ultimate enlightenment/one with the universe/union with higher self


What is Chakra Yoga? 

So following the basics from above and if you have read a bit about the Chakras (Here) then you can see how we can link the two together.

There are many schools of yoga, many poses and styles. What I have done is simply played with what I know from yoga and chakra balancing and used the poses and breathing to match the energy we want to balance in each Chakra.


Below gives the qualities of each Chakra and the style and poses used.

 Root stamp

The Base/Root Chakra is about our grounding, our physical being and connection to the physical world. We work through our insecurities, financial and materialistic issues, family traits and past life karma. I like to use an energetic repetitive form of yoga, combining elements form Kundalini and Ashtanga Yoga. This style will build heat in the body, targeting the legs and strength; we also focus on balancing poses as these will teach you how to stay calm yet strong in order to achieve a goal. This Chakra is linked with the Crown Chakra as they both deal with our connection, one to the physical and the other to our faith, our spiritual connection. Combined together your energy is strong, unwavering and you can manifest and achieve what you desire.

Sacral stamp

The Sacral Chakra is about our emotional body, felling our way through life. For this Chakra we focus on free flowing, dance like movement to open us up the a flow of energy that would mimic the Sacral Chakra when Balanced. Like water we move with ease, become comfortable in our body. We also target the hips. Using a Yin Yoga Style to open the hips on a deep level, this poses can bring up a lot of emotional issues, some laugh some people cry. Either way it is a release. The hip openers are great to our Physical body, easing tension from the lower back and balancing the effects of a life sitting (driving, at work etc). This Chakra links with the Throat Chakra as they are both to do with expression, expression of your sensuality and emotions and free expression of your truth, communication.

Solar stamp

The Solar Plexus is about our personal strength, our will and ambition. You need a strong body and mind for this one. A dynamic style of yoga is best here, like a Hot Yoga or Yogalates. Working the core muscles also will build that feeling of strength that we want to tap into for this Chakra, it will also help you stand tall and be assertive. All the twists will help to cleanse the digestive system, another element to the Solar Plexus Chakra and build our inner fire, the heat we need to purify ourselves on many levels. We also work with Laughter Yoga and building a happy feeling. Yippy! This Chakra is also linked with the Brow Chakra as they both deal with intuition and gut feeling. When body and mind are working together you can really tap into your highest potential.

Heart stamp

The Heart Chakra is our love centre. This Chakra is our gateway to our higher self. I am sure you have heard the expression Love Heals all…. Well it is true! We just need to open our hearts to healing and love. For this Chakra I use a Vinyasa Flow style of Yoga to work on opening the shoulder and chest. We work on breath, the breath of life flowing in us with every pose we take, I ask you to move at your pace with your breath so you become aware of Heart Energy and how it works. It works on your level, when you tap into it and move with it. The heart also deals with relationships, with self and others, we use a bit of Partner Yoga to strengthen your connection with a friend lover or stranger. Starting to up the mediation as we move up through the Chakras, here we tap into the power of Heart Meditation. This Chakra is linked with your Higher Heart or Higher Self. Our ability to transcend and rise above obstacles and negativity. Opening up to an endless abundance that is there for us to use.

Throat stamp

The Throat Chakra is our communication centre, dealing with our expression and integrity. We learn to open up to the truth and to express ourselves freely with our causing harm. By focusing on our spine and back bends we are reenergising our nervous system. This will allow our body to trust more, to trust our intuition and energies around us. Back bends are challenging poses, I will break this workshop into levels and if you prefer you stay with the modifications, it will still work with your individual energy you do not need to do contortionist poses to this to work! We will also work on sound and mantra. Chanting is an ancient form of Yoga, the simple mantra OM is the most sacred sound, the sound of the Universe. I teach basic forms of chanting and also longer versions, using music, you can get involved vocally or just listen either way is healing for the Throat Chakra. Linked with the Sacral Chakra see below.

Brown Stamp

The Brow Chakra is our cognitive centre. We work on balancing the right and left side of the brain, balancing the logical, analytical and objective, with the intuitive, thoughtful and subjective. Meditation is key here. I teach the essentials of meditation, visualisation and affirmation. These are all important in opening the Brow or 3rd Eye Chakra. Once you can tap into insight and feel confident to trust it then you can never step in the wrong direction in life. Some deeper Breathing techniques are used to balance the Higher and Physical, Left and Right, Masculine and Feminine.  I also teach the very basics of strengthening your intuition, clairvoyance and claircognizance; which is continued in the Energy Healing Workshop. This Charka is linked with the Solar Plexus Chakra see above.

Crown Stamp

The Crown Chakra is our gateway to our spiritual body our connection to our highest potential. We work on deeper meditation and breath work/ Pranayama. We also investigate the basics and advanced inversions. They are the poses where we invert or energy and our body upside down in poses like head stand and hand stand. These poses cause a surge of energy to be released and can have incredible benefits for our being. They bring vitality and a rush of blood and energy in the opposite direction! Once achieved these poses can bring about a great sense of accomplishment and empowerment. Linked with the Root Chakra See below.

The Brow and Crown Chakra are combined in one workshop as many principles over lap.

In addition you can attend the Energy Healing Workshop to get a full and more rounded understanding of your Energy Body and how to heal and balance your own energy.


I hope to see you at one of my workshops soon… I promise they will not disappoint!



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