Cycles of the Moon

For those of you who missed out on my workshop last night here is a bit of info about the Cycle of the Moon and its effects on us. I will be doing another Workshop for the New Moon on the 1st Nov 2013.
I know I am not the only one who feels the effects of the Moon, it just may not be talked about regularly. But the moon does play a big role on how we feel and when we sync or understand the rhythms or the moon, Sun and Earth, life can become a little more interesting!
Lunar Phases

New Moon – dark in the sky as sun is shining on the moon which is in-between the Earth and Sun, therefore we see the shadow side of the Moon.
1st Quarter (half-moon) – Waxing Crescent, Waxing Growing – increasing in light
Full Moon – We see this as a bright Moon in the sky as the earth is located in-between the Sun and Moon. We are centred between to polar opposites – some find this a challenging balance, a clashing of energy or others feel in harmony at this stage and bask in a Full Moon.
3rd Quarter (half-moon) – Waning crescent or gibbous, Waning – shrinking – decreasing in light

Effects of New Moon

A New Moon is where the Sun and the Moon are in alignment. The Sun is shining on the Moon, the part we cannot see. Hence why the sky is darker at a New Moon Stage. A New Moon is a great time to start new projects, set our desires on a path to achieving them. With the Sun and Moon in alignment things run more smoothly and tasks get completed. It is said the New moon sends out negative ions that make us feel better and more willing to be proactive. So this is a great time for contemplation on what we truly desire and where we want to focus our energy this month. Use this time to propel your intentions forward.

Effects of Full Moon

A Full Moon has the Sun shining on the portion of the moon that we can see, therefor fully illuminated. This Full Moon will be the result of our intentions that we set on track the last New Moon. So you may feel a build-up of emotion, mental stress, a need to slow down and accumulate all you have worked on so far. It is a resting period. As the Sun and Moon are opposing each other that can lead to a flustered feeling, or a clash. This opposing effect can amplify our own emotional and mental state. So if happy you may become hyper and super excited, or sad may be brought on a low spell and feel more depressed… they are extremes but you understand the vibes.
The cycles of the Moon affect the tides of our Earths water, swelling tides at a Full Moon so likewise we are affected by this as we are composed of mainly water. We will feel a ‘swelling’ of emotion causing emotional overspill…! Occasionally!
There is a tendency for emotions to run a bit higher than normal at the lead up to the Full Moon, if you are aware of this then you have the ability to not get too wrapped up in your emotional drama or the dramas of others that may be projected on you. Having compassion at the phase is a necessity, if that is not easy then rest and take down time for yourself! Spend time self-reflecting.

The Full Moon brings about a release of positive ions which can make us feel tired or hassled. It is also a time of completion, you are filled to the brim, you may need a great opportunity to let go – let go of stressful situations, or even release connections that are no longer serving you. You may notice you natural want to tie up loose ends leading up to a Full Moon. This element of closure allows for the new beginning that follows each Full Moon.

Respecting our Natural Cycles

The great thing about aligning with the Moon cycles is that we are always releasing clutter from our lives, we are constantly creating new existences for our lies. Every month we get to start over and try again! Yay!

By tuning into our own cycle, listening the ebb and flow of our life and our breath we can gain deeper understanding and appreciation for what incredible beings we are.  We naturally can flow through life, creating, enjoying the fruits of our desires, recognising what we no longer need and releasing it! Fabulous cycles… just like our breath… Inhale and create life/prana, the subtle pause before the exhale allows us to absorb this life force energy or prana, we exhale to cleanse and release and the gentle pause before the inhale is a momentary rest to asses where we are at before starting the cycle again.

The energy of the Moon needs to be harnessed for our own good rather than giving in to excess. It can be a time of great clarity and intuition, you may experience moments of incredible intuition that shock you at first but once understood can be used for your benefit. Observe your vivid dreams, gut feelings and open up to the possibilities our Universe provides for us. The more we tune into this Universal Energy the more we can live in joy!

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