Hey, Hello – Nice to ‘meet you’! Welcome (3)

Here are a few things you will want to know about my site and me!

  • I like to talk openly about all things SPIRITUAL, not in a spaced out way. But in a ‘hey this is how I experience the world’. I will share with you my views and tips on wellness, yoga and spirituality and how it can improve your life. What is spiritual anyway? Being spiritual is living fully, no longer afraid or unconfident in any aspect of your life. I can teach you how to use everything around you as a guide, to navigate through life. Here’s a place where you will learn how to trust your own instincts.
  • I specialise in releasing negative patterns and emotional blocks. We are all about multi-tasking these days, right? The more boxes ticked from one action the better. Well, that is exactly what I am all about. Use yoga movement, energy healing, breath and even strength training to improve your body physically but on a deeper level improve your mental and emotional
  • I am studying astrology, so still a newbie but I write a lot about my astrological interpretations and journey. If anything astrology has taught me a language I can use to express my energy interaction. I love being connected to the magic of the stars and grounded to our earth and the NOW! I blog about the moon and Universal Energies that are out there for us to use and harness.


Danielle is a patient and thorough yoga instructor, catering for everyone’s level and encouraging you gently to stretch your limits. – Hillary

Have you always dreamt of being a full time happier you! Our life journey is filled with the yin and yang, ups and downs, and understanding and accepting them is the first step to enjoying the ride.

It took me a while to really be happy in my own skin, some days can still bring up little challenges but when you look at the bigger picture those little bumps in the road are what make you you!! It is how you react along the way that matters and what tools you can use to guide you to a more uplifting and enriching life experience.

Hey, Hello – Nice to ‘meet you’! Welcome (4)

So, what am I about?!

I am a spiritual junkie, fascinated in astrology and intuitive energy journeys; a keen crystal lovin’ energy healer, a flexible yogini who likes to mix it up with Pilates and TRX. I am a sensitive creature – that is my beauty! I love chocolate, cookies and pasta – yeah not really the ideal healthy diet ;0) I swing in and out of healthy eating, most of the time I am fairly clean with my food, and love making my homemade Raw Chocolate Hazelnut bites. I love smoothies and juices and all things detox! You name it I have tried it – even all the extreme techniques!

Want to be more energised and content with life?! Me too that’s what started me on this quest: To find the answers to my questions and I have combined all I have learned from so many fields to give you a full rounded set of guidelines that can help you too. I am a deep thinker and live it my head but love to share what I learn– Gemini Rising!


I know I am not alone when I say it is tough to do this all on your own – I have always loved having a guide, in fact, I have excelled because of the guidance from my coaches. Sometimes thing will just happen and work out and other times a guide or coach is like a map that shows you how to get by.

My intuition opened up with the help of a coach; I found myself not by following others but by listening to my teachers who showed me to go within and become aware of what my energy needed. My yoga practice, has been with my since my teens and has morphed along the way, it now compliments how I feel and what I need at that time.

I offer my services that combine all that I seek out of wellness – movement, strength exercise, mindfulness, spiritual coaching and finding harmony in life. My programs are for everyone, online or in person. We are all unique and not one size fits all. All you need it to be guided in the right direction and have a few tools to help you get there.

I like the combo of a strength building workout with the free flowing movement’s yoga offers that catapult me out of a bad mood boosting my energy and restoring calm in my nervous system. I am a firm believer in affirmations and meditation to keep me on the sunny side, we all have tendencies to slip and I for one know all too well about that. My guided meditations have always been a massive help – Check ‘em out

I am all for one-to-one training. This way you get the best for your needs. Yoga, Pilates, Pre or Postnatal. Wanna learn to do the splits or loosen the hips? Are you feeling the stress of the office and need to learn how to detach mentally and ease your tight shoulders? Build inner strength, pelvic floor stability, flexible spine or hamstrings? I have the answer! Take me on as your teacher.

Did you every just need to talk to someone who is not connected to the situation an just download all the babble in your head, then have a helping hand to untangle the mess and see it all clearly again. I have been there. And I have been given so many tools to get me through life’s lovely puzzles. From work related frazzle, social boundaries that are being abused, family troubles and the age old love-life-woes! I have a solution and I want to share it with you.

I hear you, you don’t want to share your inner workings with every friend or family member, sometimes you just need an outside bouncing board to show you where you are at, help you take that extra breath to cool the jets, see some reasoning or even a nudge in the right direction to move that emotion out of you once and for all! Did I tell you, I am a great ear, and I love to hear your stories? This is where I find the best connections are made and where the real healing can take place.

I am an empath – wanna know more? I am writing it all in my book, coming out soon! Sign up here to get the latest from me. 

I plan to be a bestselling author – one day right!! You gotta put it out there first: “Intention followed by action equals manifestation!”

I am a self-proclaimed detox devotee! I am not super self-disciplined or rather I enjoy what life has on offer and live by the motto that that a little of what you fancy does you no harm! I have swung from extremes but it is the middle ground that tends to offer the most advancement. Being sensitive also means that food affects you and your nervous system. Did you know that having a strong digestive system is also responsible for your overall personal power, your self esteem and joie de vivre?! I have a few detox tips I love to share on my BLOG>>

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I am Irish – maybe where my interest in magic and ritual come from, blessed to be born into a super loving family. We moved a lot when I was a youngster and that set the tone for my nomadic nature. I LOVE travel!

My mom introduced me to yoga when I was a young teen – in the first few classes my sister and I giggled the whole way through ashtanga primary series! ;0)

Here’s something I bet you didn’t know… I was a teen model! I was on the cover of magazines, headed campaigns for top Irish brands and strutted my stuff on the catwalk – after ‘work’ I had to put on my school uniform and head back to class!

After school I studied interior architecture for 4 years – I won a prize for my use of colour and emotive layout for a wellness centre I designed. Even then I was into wellness! I completed with a first class honours, to say I was a nerd is an understatement!

I met my husband, Rob in school – I pretty much instantly knew he was the one from a very early age – did I tell you I was intuitive!! Yeah even back then, but I didn’t know it. We dated for 10 years before getting married (31.8.13) in my parent’s garden by a Celtic Monk who gave us a beautiful Spiritual ceremony to mark the occasion. Ever want tips on this I was a doc ready to send to you with all the best tips for a Spiritual Wedding.


We spent 3 years travelling the world, hitting 29 countries:

We trekked South America, climbed Macchu Picchu to see the sun rise, I slept in the Amazon Jungle with all the creepy crawlies and I nearly died cycling the death road in Bolivia – Remarkable to see how the body and mind reacts to facing a fear! I am not joking here I was scared for my life I am not very good on a bike – I starting singing “she’ll be coming round the mountain” and the Irish rugby anthem ‘shoulder to shoulder’ and I am not a singer! But it took me to a trans-like state that got me through the tough cycle!

My husband and I lived in a tiny van painted with Lord of the Ring characters on it and it was our home as we camped New Zealand – if that doesn’t test a relationship I don’t know what else does, we weren’t married back then!

We then got lost in Fiji for 2 months, drank too much rum n’coke and made amazing friends with the locals… Lived in Sydney for 1 year, here’s where we both left design and construction and turned to Fitness and Yoga. I worked at lululemon athletica – Learnt how to set big awesome hairy goals and achieve them! Goal 1: learn more about yoga. Lululemon offered its staff to get out and experience as many fitness and yoga classes as possible. Amazing!

In 2010, we left Oz and ate sushi in Japan – well more like ate in 7/11(on a shoe string)! Got dressed up like a geisha and soaked in onsens. We got sea sick on a 3 day cargo boat to China, hiked the great wall in the snow, crossed the border into Vietnam, sent a box of beautiful ceramic dishes home only to find them all broken when we got home. We watched the sun rise and set in Ankor Wat, Cambodia.

I completed my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Paul Dallaghan in Thailand, Centred Yoga. Did you know he is Irish too! Here is where I taught yoga for the first time, during my exam. I got such a rush that it lead to a new goal…. To teach yoga!

We trekked up the Camron Highlands in Malaysia and picked organic strawberries in the strawberry fields. 36 hours in Singapore allowed me to get a henna tattoo! We flew to Bali where I returned to my teachers Prem and Radha for Mysore practice. (My first time in Bali helped my get though a low point in life … it’s all in my upcoming book! But let’s just say this is where I found my spiritual roots again and the magical power of crystals was initiated here.)

We were craving European culture so camped in a car and tent for a few weeks. Then on our final leg, we did a short tour of the States and Canada. Dressed up like an alien creature for Halloween, followed a friend to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, sipped vino in Nappa Valley and visited family in Calgary – Freezing!

Phew, I have never told that story in so few words. Here’s the Full TravelBlog

Since our return to Dublin in 2012 I got straight into teaching yoga, updated my skills (Pre & Post Natal Yoga and Mom and Baby Yoga with the Elbow Room. 1 week intensive with world renowned teacher Shiva Rea and specialised in Chakra Vinyasa)  I also returned to my roots of Energy Healing. Did you know, I got into Reiki when I was 14. My teen years were tough to say the least and Reiki got me through it. I was initiated in to Reiki I & II by the age of 16

I have now rekindled my intuition and embraced being an empath for all the good that is has to offer. I went on a deep spiritual quest to answer my many questions about my developing intuition and empathy. (Seichem, Angel Healing, Chakra rebalancing, colour therapy (My college thesis in Design and Architecture – on colour therapy and its effects came in handy here).

I have allowed my yoga practice to evolve from strict mysore ashtanga, to yin and chakra vinyasa, I like to mix it up! With the help of my fit Personal Trainer hubby I got into TRX and got certified in Pilates. Rob always has a new fitness goal – pretty inspiring stuff to be around.

Like I mentioned above, Rob and I got married in August 2013 – after ten years together – yes we were childhood sweet hearts, and our flirtations started years before we hooked up in school! Together we set up RaLu- The Journey of Fitness and Yoga. It combined or love of travel and health. We filmed a documentary that followed our journey in Asia, where we role reversed and tried fitness, yoga and meditation classes that got us out of our comfort zone – That is a story in itself, unfortunately it was not plain sailing and we hit a fair few bumps in the road – it all makes for a fab documentary and perhaps a book one day!

I am a lover of knowledge and a total nerd – currently studying Astrology with Andrew Smith. Loving it! It has opened my vocabulary up to energy and has really allowed my to embrace my predestined life path.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed my short life story – the full version is coming up in my book. Now, I want to hear about you, mail me or find me below.

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  • Practicing yoga since her teens
  • Completed RYS200 Teacher Training with Paul Dallaghan, Yoga Thailand
  • Attended Intensives with Prem & Radha at Ashtanga World Bali
  • Certified Seichem & Reiki III Practitioner/Teacher
  • Yin Yoga with Sebastian Pucelle
  • Chakra Vinyasa 40 hr with Shiva Rea
  • Pre & Post Natal/ Mom& Baby Yoga Training with the Elbow Room
  • Angel Healing® & Angel Card Reading with Ethereal Light


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