Detox Headache

Detox Headache

When you start your detox you are full of enthusiasm. This is great, we need this gusto to keep us going through the first few days resisting cravings and listening to tummy grumbles!

For some people a detox from the unhealthy foods or drinks can cause headaches, some lasting a day others longer depending on the level of your detox. To avoid this you should ease yourself in to a detox or cleanse by spending the first few days just choosing one main toxin to eliminate. There is no point in sacrificing everything only to find it way too tough and give in after a week. Cut down on something first, take coffee for example – start by reducing your 3 cups of coffee a day to one, perhaps leaving out the sugar and full milk! Then over time, reduce to 3 cups a week, eventually your will find your cravings for coffee diminish.

Going on a detox or cleanse is about adjusting your diet or lifestyle for a more positive and healthy one. It is only a detox at the beginning while your body rids itself of toxins. After the initial detox period all you have to do is maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, allowing yourself a treat but not overindulge, therefore not having to start from scratch again. Remember sugar is so addictive… eat more greens to reduce the sugar cravings!

Your body wants nothing more then to be healthy and feel its best. If you can get out of the way and stop feeding your body with toxic food or drink, replace it with healthy and nutritious food then all the cells can get to work and do what they do best: Heal!

Why do we get a detox headache?

When you undergo a detoxification, toxins are released from the cells that have been storing them. As they leave through the blood stream, your body becomes flooded with them, and the result is a painful headache. The most common cause of a detox headache is caffeine withdrawal….

The severity of your headache will depend upon the type of cleanse, the strength of the toxin and how effective your body is at getting rid of that toxin.

Is there a detox headache remedy?

Even though there is no universally recognized cure, there are several things that you can do to decrease the strength or the length of the headache pain.

  • Increase the body’s effectiveness in expelling the toxins by drinking plenty of water. Adding a little lemon juice to warm water may help the cleansing.
  • You can open your pores, making it easier to expel the toxins, by taking hot baths or showers several times a day.
  • Get plenty of rest. Take a nap. Your body is working hard to detox, and needs extra time to recuperate.
  • Do cardio exercise/hot sweaty yoga. This is sometimes called “sweating it out”.
  • If your headache is so painful that you just can’t take it any more, then back off a little. Slow down your detox, go back to the tips above ease into a detox with respect for your body.
  • If you’re fasting and it is too much, eat a little something now and then. You will still get a benefit; listen to your body’s needs, no need to be stubborn! J
  • If your headache is really persistent then consider getting colon hydrotherapy, this will certainly speed up the elimination process. In fact, those that are not embarrassed, I would recommend this anyway as part of your cleanse. This will really help to rid the body of toxic waste that can be trapped in your intestinal tract and cause health problems and discomfort.

Even though there is no known detox headache remedy, detox headaches are proof that your body is actually doing what you wanted it to do — getting rid of the toxins! Yippy!


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