Earth Angel – Virgo Full Moon

This Full Moon sees the Moon in Virgo (earthy, analytical and practical) opposing the Sun in Pisces (watery, intuitive and emotional). Both signs are mutable allowing for a nice flow and exchange between the two luminaries.

“Virgo and Pisces are signs of devotion and magic, all along the spectrum from the worldly to the otherworldly.” ~Molly Hall


Energy Insights:

Today’s Full Moon is in Virgo (22nd Feb 2016 – 18:20 UT) – Virgo: Mutable Earth, representing – adaptable, pliable, practical and analytical. Virgo energy is the efficient worker, staying steady with the daily routines. It is the energy we all possess – especially nowadays when our lives revolve around work, how to do things better, more efficiently. Time is of utmost importance now. Yet it also feels like it is slipping by too fast making efficient work a strain to achieve. By becoming so focused on getting the job done have we lost the ability to enjoy moments of non-work?

VirgoMoon PiscesSun

The Sun – opposing the Moon – is in Pisces, conjoined Neptune, prompting us to not forget the ability to dream, to imaging and to play. To become filled with energy in the escape of the workload. To merge and heal yourself in the free flowing (watery Pisces) play of downtime. Whatever downtime is to you, make time today and this week to become lost in non-work, to let go of the analytical mind. How often do you allow yourself to do that? Let play and non-work be your treat for this Full Moon in Virgo.

“For a small child there is no division between playing and learning; between the things he or she does for fun and things that are educational. The child learns while living – and any part of that living that is enjoyable is also play.” ~ Penelope Leach

Another important note this Full Moon is to reflect back to where you were last September – and what you have been processing for the last few months. Whatever that may be for you, let this Full Moon be about offering appreciation for that time, that lesson learned and for the that you are now ready to let is all go. Making space for the New!

We all know (well if you read my blog regularly you will) that Full Moon is a time of release. Emotions can be overwhelming and spill over from time to time. Our heads can become inundated with thoughts and to-do lists. Our body is tired and craves more rest at the time of Full Moon. So instead of adding to this, take time to rest and relax. Let go of additional things to do, let the very moment consume you and be conscious of the precious time that you encapsulate – NOW!

 You are an Earth Angel

Yoga Practice:

This Full Moon energy can be an overwhelming time – so to be different this week I thought I would share with you non-asana yoga practice to help you stay grounded in this Earthy Full Moon.

Karma Yoga: Do something kind for someone else. A random act of kindness, completely selfless – offering yourself and your service to another is a very grounding thing to do and takes your yoga practice off the mat and into real life.

Art as a meditation: I have been loving this one lately. There are loads of colouring books for adult out now so grab one and allow 30 to 30 mins of doodling and colouring to occupy your mind. Or take out a pen and paper and let your creativity flow – get lost in the creation for a minimum of 20 mins. A wonderful way to let go of mental stress and strain.

Dance: Shake it off, shake it off!! Whether you love dancing in clubs, taking lessons in a local studio, or even better cranking up the tunes at home and jumping around in your slouchy socks! Get your body moving! The silly or more sensual the better – let your body move instinctively.

Cooking or baking: have you ever taken the time to prepare a meal – right from the moment of reading about the recipe on your favourite food blog, going to the shops to find the best ingredients and setting up your kitchen preparing all the bits for that meal. It is a ritual to make a meal with effort and love. So instead of throwing a quick meal together enjoy the ritual of cooking or even better baking (as you get to enjoy a treat after too!)

Breathing: I have covered breathing as a simple form of yoga (pranayama) before. And my blog is filled with various practices and techniques. It has always been my most reliable partner for any challenge or enjoyment I face. Your breath never leaves you. It is your guide and companion through life’s experiences. Learn to connect with your breath, not just on the mat but throughout the day or night.

Crystal Grid: One of my favourite Moon rituals – very similar to art as a form of meditation. Just let your creativity flow as you set your lunar intentions and play with a grid set up. Leaving your crystal grid for the evening to bath in the moon light and become recharged.

Trataka: Candle gazing. A great way to get into meditation. Keep your eyes busy by gently gazing at a flickering flame and enjoy the benefits of cleansing the optical nerve at the same time.

Yoga Nidra: An amazing form of deep relaxation. Yoga Sleep. It is about deeply connecting to how your body relaxes, not letting yourself actually fall asleep but consciously relaxing your body and mind.

Walks in nature: A simple way to connect to the earth. Be in it. Breath it in, enjoy the textures and beauty that nature is showing you.

Sitting and starring: Yep – just let the mind wander as you gaze out at the sea, or up at a tree, or at a piece of art work. Put the phone and laptop away and spent 30 mins doing nothing. Just observing the space – physical space around you and mental space of no distraction.



If you are craving some yoga poses – try Tree pose (perfect for balancing and grounding this Full Moon energy in Virgo), Boat pose (perfect to strengthen your core – not just your belly muscles but your intuitive gut instincts too – Virgo rules the stomach) and Childs pose (focus on the sensation at your brow (let your imagination be free as you rest and ground the body)

Full Moon Blessings!