Effects of the Eclipse

The eclipse that we experienced last Friday 20th March 2015, may have effected some of you more than others. I think for us all though it was a wonderful spectacle at least, and allowed us to marvel at the orientation of our planet.

How amusing it was to follow the Moon passing in front of our Sun and impacting the light we could see here on Earth (northern hemisphere people anyway). It really emphasized how much movement there is out there in our solar system and how fast the Moon orbits Earth. Pretty spectacular!

There is no doubt that if you were aware of it you could correlate how you felt with the eclipse energy. Most of you who read my blogs are quite aware by now of the effects the Moon can have on us anyway so an eclipse has an intensifying effect on the Moon energy that affects us. But as I said each person will feel this differently due to their own sensitivity to it and their astrological birth chart.


How did the solar eclipse make you feel?

Did you acknowledge what was being highlighted for you?

How are you honoring that energy now and until the Full Moon (4th April)?


Either way, it was a wonderful event and the energy it has brought is a much calmer one then the one felt in the lead up to it, I hope you feel this too. There is a real sense of spring clean, freshness and a buzz about bringing things to life again!

From now until the Full Moon on the 4th April (lunar eclipse) there is an open portal of energy that you can harness for your own good if you wish to. The New Moon brings an opportunity of initiation and growth (which was heightened by the eclipse). By the Full Moon on the 4th we can release that which may come to the surface as something that is holding you back.

Each day, morning and evening I have been really focused on the intention that I am grounding something new in me that is rising and I am open to an opportunity of shedding that which is in the way or no longer serving me. All that we have worked on in the first few months of this year actually feel as if they are really to shift, especially if you have been working on yourself this way.

I have made a morning and evening ritual guide for you here>> that can be useful as a reminder to be present, not just now until the Full Moon, but simple ways to always give yourself a few moments to check in.

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My experience of the Solar Eclipse:

The eclipse itself was a wonderful awe-inspiring time for me, and I am loving the after effect, whereas the week leading up to it was full on. There was a feeling of intense questioning and doubt. I was knocked out by this and felt the need for a withdrawal from everything. In order to ground this feeling I indulged in retreating into my book that I am writing (about energy, the chakras and being an empath) and I made that my sole focus. The New Moon and Spring Equinox energy (new beginning) has been wonderful energy to assist me in almost finishing my first completed draft. Nearly there, Yay!!

I tend to feel the build-up of energy more in the days leading up, and for that Piscean eclipse I was bombarded by the vision of a huge impending wave about to crash on me (Pisces – water, intensified by the eclipse). So, following the eclipse there is a wonderful relief. I literally submerged myself in the sea (down in Algarve) on the morning of the eclipse and embodied that energy. It felt so good and empowering!

Enjoying this quiet time for myself now and the excitement that something is so close to completion is nice too!