Embody the Magic – New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon Blessings!

There is always such a buzz coming up to a New Moon – for me, it always feels like a chance for a fresh start, rebirth of some kind. The New Moon represents the new beginnings, initiation, goal setting and renewal of the old.  This New Moon is no different, yet there is an added sense of magic to it? Do you feel it?

     “A certain darkness is needed to see the stars.”

Energy Insights:

The New Moon lands on the 11th of November 2015 – 11/11 – a powerful date especially if you follow numerology (briefly explained below). In addition to that, this New Moon is in the sign of Scorpio – I relate to this zodiac sign as being quite mystical, emotionally magnetic and it holds in it the quality of alchemy. The insight we gain from this water sign can pull you right in, plunging you to the depth of your emotional wounds (New Moon in Scorpio trine Chiron), seeking answers in the dark of the night (New Moon). When you reach your core, going beyond that protective layer, there can be this honest surrendering – a blissful release of the layers of self that you have built up around you. With this surrender comes the ability to breathe underwater, an intuitive and instinctive knowing of how to transcend from the depths.

This is the energy that the New Moon in Scorpio is calling us to connect with, to embody and to transcend from. Learn from the other creatures who epitomize the essence of Scorpio – the serpent who sheds her skin and emerges anew, or the phoenix who submits itself to the flames only to be reborn and soar from the ashes as a new bird – and use this New Moon in Scorpio as an opportunity for rebirth.


Numerology Special

Numbers, they are an integral part of our day. Our existence is dominated by numbers – our age, our birth date and time, the days, months and years delineated in numbers and the one you check in with the most often: the time of the day, from morning to night regulated by a series of numbers. Numbers can be used as symbols – like a language – open for interpretation and understanding. Just like most things around us, the Universe is always interacting and communicating with us so we can interpret these symbols. But are you awake to this language?

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Some people will call it just a coincidence, perhaps it is easy to brush it off as that at first – but when sequences of numbers and symbols become a frequent occurrence for you it cannot be ignored. This is an integral part of developing your intuition. With more and more people trusting in these synchronicities they are becoming a much more respected form of divination and insight. When you develop and trust your intuition these synchronicities form an intuitive game, guiding you and encouraging you on your path.

Here is a very brief overview of numbers 1 to 3:

1 – The number of initiation, a beginning, the first move. Making this New Moon on the 11/11 even more potent, asking us to rebirth and begin life! Any sequence of 11, 111 or 11:11 is also considered an angelic sign – a hello from your guardian angel, that you are surrounded by loving angels or a loved one who has passed on. It is a reminder that the thoughts you are having is affecting your reality – be it good or bad thoughts. The higher the repetition of the number, the stronger the gateway of manifestation. So, when you see 11, 111, or 1111 don’t just wish for something – become it, live it and manifest it.

2 – The number of balance, peace, faith and trust. Patience and tolerance is key here. These numbers are asking you to find harmony in what you are doing. Connect to your area/location and to those around you and be considerate of more than just you –  of the greater connection to the Universe around you. If you have been indoors too long get up and breathe in some fresh air, get out to nature. Or if you have been out too much, perhaps some time to yourself will benefit you and restore the peace within. Again the more repetitions of this number to stronger the reminder.

3 – The number of growth, abundance and Divine protection. There is a powerful sense of guidance embedded in the sequence of 3, this number is linked with the Ascended Masters, the Holy Trinity – enlightened beings who have walked this path before who want to offer love and support to those who are on the right path and seek guidance. When you see a sequence of 3, 33, 333 know that a powerful golden energy is surrounding you, giving you the Midas Touch and reminding you to have faith in humanity, keep living from your highest self.



Yoga Practice:

It is very important for this New Moon to set your intention – a goal, plant the seed of what you desire. Then live and breathe it in all that you do. Be reminded of your intention in your yoga practice, in your meditation, as you walk to work and as you lay your head to rest at night.

I empower myself to live authentically.

Every breath I take is transforming me and my world around me – inhale – exhale

I believe in magic, I trust in the synchronicities of life, I communicate with the Universe around me.

Hip Circles: Start slow with your practice, beginning with some hip circles (seated/standing or all fours) You are initiating the watery fluidity of Scorpio. Feel the undulating movement ripple around your body.

Low lunge variation by Shiva Rea/ or Yin Dragon: a great pose to open your hips and pelvis. Enter and exit with caution, slow and steady is the best energy for these movements. Feel the emotion of each movement.

King Pigeon: a wild hip opening posture, targeting the pelvis and the heart (Sacral Chakra & Heart Chakra) Its shape resembles the phoenix rising for me –  how this pose makes you feel? (for advanced try this)

Malasana: Squat, a deeply grounding yet opening pose. In this posture harness that sense of surrender I wrote about above. Be authentically you. (Modify with rolled up towel under heels)

Baddha Konasana: Cobblers pose (can be done seated of propped while lying down) hip opener.

Lotus: finish your practice in a seated meditation, try lotus or a modified variation. Find stillness in your seat. The purpose of yoga movement is to find peace in the physical body so you can sit still and attain bliss of mind. Yoga = Union. The deepest form of alchemy – transform yourself!

Namaste and New Moon Blessings!