Energy is just Energy

Energy is just energy. Not negative or positive. How we use energy and how we react to it changes our perception of it.


Full Moon in Pisces. 8th/9th September 2014


The effects of the Full Moon can be profoundly felt in most people. Everything is amplified, emotions can run high, tensions and stress and reach breaking point. Often, we can feel giddy or a need to connect – Connect to someone, ourselves or this planet.


Full Moon awareness has come back in popularity, especially over this summer with talk of the Super moons even reaching the 6 o’clock News. This is great as so many people are tapping into her Full Presence and recognising the effects and cycle of each month.

 Full moon


It is great to practice tuning into this rhythm especially now. Our world is going through a state of flux. You may be aware of it on the news, internationally and locally. Personally you may be feeling this shift but not sure how to put your finger on what is really going on within.


By tuning into the cycle of the moon, we find a rhythm, and consistent pattern that allows us to roll with this flow. The cycle of the moon allows us to recognise that polarity within us. That one week will be different to the next and that we are always morphing, energy is always moving through us.


 You may still be reeling from the astrological shifts over the last few months that causes a heap of old and subconscious emotions and thoughts to surface. Good news: There is a cooling period and the September Harvest Moon sheds that light on your energy and shows you just that. Energy is just energy. Not negative of positive. Energy is neutral – there for us to use the way we want to.


I have felt this stillness lately, almost like a pause where I haven’t felt a need to react, just a nothingness. It is quite nice. I am aware of all that is going on, but feeling pulled out of the swirl of energy enough to just observe and contemplate on it.


So if you have been on a roller-coaster of late, look at how you are dealing with it. Take this time to just be. Whatever troubles you have, they can be transformed into something that heals you. It just depends on how you wish to look at it.

This Full Moon is a healing one. Healing for our emotional body in particular. So enjoy some down time, look after yourself and go with the flow, accept everything for what it is – just energy.



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