Energy Shifts

We are going through a big shift at the moment, an exciting one, one that I am embracing and feeling the benefits in a big way! You may hear me mention in class or on social media a few different terms that relate to the energy shift in consciousness that we are currently going through. So I thought I would post about some of those terms and give you my update on what’s the story at this moment.

Raising our Consciousness: You may have already noticed this, more and more people are talking about and writing about a new energy or Shift in Consciousness. Our planet is changing, we are become more aware of things greater than us, or that there is something more to life than what we knew before. This new perspective is bringing about a rise in our Universal Frequency, as we are all energetic beings, we emit a frequency and the more people talk about it the more it is brought into our reality. Like attracts like – Universal Law.

What are we raising our consciousness to?  We are evolving, we always are but this shift in consciousness is bringing us back to the knowing and understanding of the world. The natural flows of the world, energetic beings living in an energetic world…. We can make our life work for us. The power is in us, change our thinking and use our emotions to propel yourself in your desired direction. People are becoming more intuitive, going with instinct and reaping the benefit. Mystics, scientists, spiritual teachers are not out there on their own, whatever your background is you may still share the same beliefs or at least understand where these ideas are coming from … this is a shift in consciousness.

We are currently in a Mercury Retrograde, and in-between two Eclipses – Full Moon last week with Lunar Eclipse and next week the New Moon and Solar Eclipse. So what does all this mean….?

Mercury Retrograde: Everyone talks about the effects of the Big Mercury Retrograde… Retrograde – to go backwards. This phase of a Mercury Retrograde happens 3-4 times a year, we are currently in the last Mercury Retrograde of 2013. (21st Oct – 10th Nov).  If you are sensitive to energies you may feel ‘off’, have migraines and feel fluey. Being an empath you will also feel what others are going through making this time ever more chaotic. Take rest and retreat if that is the case. Look after yourself first. During this phase electrical devises can go a bit bonkers, people or issues from your past may come back for you to work through, it is a time for you to pause and sort your sh1t out! Use this time to work through emotional issues that were not resolved, sometimes you don’t get the choice to bring it up but it just gets landed on your doorstep forcing you to face your demons and find a solution. This is why this phase of a Mercury Retrograde can be a pain in the behind for some. But try to use this info as a guide so that you don’t get bombarded by negativity and feel overwhelmed, instead use old issues to change how you are now, see the possibilities that can come from this phase and work with this energy to benefit your well-being.

I have been doing some big clearing and mine goes way back to my early teens when I didn’t express how I was feel as I felt oppressed, I was badly bullied and fearful of what others thought of me. I have worked on this for many years but this phase has really allowed me to bring it up and clear it in a more powerful manner. When you know that you are also working with the Universal Energy Shifts it can have profound effects on your own energy.

On top of this we are going through the two eclipses, Solar and Lunar Eclipse. I spoke before about the Cycles of the Moon. The effects of the Full and New Moon are heightened during an eclipse, so you can imagine with the Full Moon amplified last week – we were working on an extra big release, now sitting in a Mercury Retrograde we are have to work through old issues that need a further cleanse, and we are about to go through a rush of energy with the New Moon and Solar Eclipse which will propel us forward on our path, and the results of which will be felt especially if we are working with these energies. I am already feeling big excitement from the upcoming New Moon!

I always say in classes or workshops, that if you are aware and want to work with this, then you can feel the magic happen, but of course, it is not for everyone so not everyone is aware of what they are going through. Hence this comes back to the Shift in Consciousness, slowly more and more people are aware and working with these Universal Energies therefore more and more magic begins to happen! Not just for yourself, but the more we Raise our Consciousness the more we all feel it.

I wish you all the best during this phase, enjoy it, embrace it and remember it is just a phase, it will pass.

How are you feeling during this Phase? I would love to hear your thoughts on it….

Love and light

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  1. Kelly

    As I approach dd there are many reasons for my emotions to be amplified and hope that these moon phases help me through the task that lies ahead with good energy.

    1. Post
      Danielle Donnelly

      This is a wonderful time Kelly to be pregnant, and such a special time for a little one to be born into this world! Thinking of you xxx

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