Excitement > Anxiety > Fear: How to get a handle on your emotions

We talked a bit about Anxiety last week. Anxiety seems to be the one most people get caught up on. Not knowing how or when to ease that build-up of emotion. Letting it seep into other areas of their life like not being able to sleep or becoming stuck in the past and not being able to make decisions.

So here’s the some more on Anxiety – it is a cousin of Fear and also Excitement. Believe it or not! You know when you get excited about something, you feel butterflies in your tummy, right? You are about to embark on something new, getting out of your comfort zone, presenting a new idea at work, and even meeting up with friends or going to an event can get your tummy ticking – Flutters of excitement can quickly turn to knots of anxiety. Or even worse, become twisted and tense by fear!

Too much over stimulation (which can come from an exhausted body and stressed out mind – adrenals are telling your something there!!) will turn your excitement into anxiety. Your body is signalling to you that it needs a rest and any more tasks, events, new things may cause a mini-melt-down!

We have all been there and have our excuses. Yet it is so hard to say no now-a-days. Most people are running on empty, pushing your body to keep going. Or adding more stress to a burnt out mind. Neglecting the flashing lights your emotions or intuition is telling you. But that is the way of our society. Mental and Physical bodies are considered the trump card and need to be pushed and stretched to their limits. Our Emotional and Spiritual bodies are left to one side, often neglected and not listened to. This is an imbalance.

Slowly more and more people, just like you, are starting to realise that something is a little off kilter. So that is why there is a big push in meditation, or wellness, and even fitness has its benefits to our emotional well-being.

So, balance is needed. Boundaries need to be set. If you are feeling pulled too much you and only you can control that. Trust me I have worked on this for years… and it can be so hard to implement. But makes the biggest difference to how you feel. You need to learn to take time out for you. Like I mentioned last week. Pause and check in. Where are you now? Do you need to do this “…..” new thing now?

Saying no will not be rude, but it shows you have your priorities in check and other will respect you for it. It will boost your self-esteem, help you make clear decisions, and give you more time to do the things you need to do. I am not saying go around saying no to every offer or every one – but weight it up. Can it be done tomorrow or next week? Or does it really need to be taken on by you at all?

These three emotions are BIGGIES! And I will write more on individual questions soon.

But here’s a few ways to prevent anxiety and fear taking over your excitement:

Get organised: Plan your day, week month. Slot in ‘Time Out’ for you. Either book an appointment/ relaxing treatment or make a phantom appointment where you have a bath, or do a face mask and chill out. No phones because you are in an important meeting (with you!) 😉

Set Boundaries: similar to above, be organised and now how much time and energy you can spend and where. That way you can set up boundaries that will keep you in check and not overdo too much.

Meditate:   meditation is training the mind to think less, or think less erratically, eventually being ok with just sitting alone with your thoughts. It is all about your breath and the breath calms the nervous system – ahh soothing those adrenals!! Yay!

Eat well: The food you put into your body have a massive effect on your system. The analogy of butterflies, knots or twisted with fear all relate to your belly. that is where we digest emotion. If your digestive system is bogged down with toxins and crappy foods then that will have an impact on your body feeling over stimulated – easy for anxiety and fear to creep in.

Try it, and I mean really give it a go if you are finding anxiety and fear is crippling you then you have nothing to lose and lots to gain from the above.

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