4 Steps to Cure the Fear Virus

I want to talk about FEAR.

Fear based emotions are crippling and they affect our entire system, each of the chakras are weakened by fear. In my the Base Chakra and Heart Chakra workshops I always mention the effect of fear, as it can be easily rectified with the energy in particular at these two centres.

If we simplify everything down to two emotions you have: Fear-based emotions versus Love-based emotions. Love-based emotions: Stability and Compassion. Be Present. Eradicate insecurity and depression: Fear-based emotions.

Fear-Based Emotions: Worry, stress, anxiety, sadness, depression, anger, guilt, shame, frustration, jealousy, insecurity and pessimistic … to name a few.

Love-Based Emotions: Joy, happiness, content, hopefulness, optimistic, loving, compassionate, creative, secure, passionate, confident, honest & kind expression, attracted to and a sense of kinship….

Every emotion can be assigned to Love or Fear-based emotions.

I am certainly not immune to fear, especially since my boat is currently sailing on new seas.  (I just moved country – READ HERE.) But here is how I see it and how I am coping with it:

FACT: Fear is the most threatening thing you can engage with that will impact your health and well-being. It is like an infection, fear is the worst virus you can get, it is contagious and it spreads rapidly around your body.

Fear-based emotions are present everywhere, every day. Look at the news, the collective mind-set is fear-based. You experience fear with friends, family and within yourself. While talking to others you may even be aware of fear-based emotions rising, at first you try to avoid being lured into its sticky drama, but it always catches you and you feel the fear rise in you as well. Bummer!

SECRET TIP: Once you are aware this is how fear works and it is only a matter of working with it to escape its grip.

Having recently moved to a new country and left my home comforts and security behind, I was faced with fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of financial security, fear of failing! I have faced this before and I have fallen hard, not because of the outcomes but I fell because I let fear get the better of me. So, this time I prepared myself, actually I have been preparing myself for months in advance. It started off a bit wobbly but I have created inner stability – a rudder for my boat sailing new seas. I was determined not to fall into the fear trap, and I remind myself of this daily now.

What did I do?

I stayed present and focused.

Quite simply put, that is what I did – I practised being present and focused. I could tell you many other things I did too, and they all helped of course, but essentially I prepared my mind.

My yoga practice helped my body. Movements and poses helped me release trapped emotions, which enabled me to be in greater comfort within. I practised my affirmations, exercising my mind’s beliefs system and training it to be stronger regardless of other distracting thoughts. I meditated and embraced something greater than me. This realisation in ‘something greater’ prevents me from getting too caught up in my own little dramas. This can be a huge relief.

TRUST: Trusting in life is not easy, yet I can’t say it is all that hard either. Even though I prepared myself and was I emotionally stable, I still felt the wave of fear come over me. Whether it came from within or from projected outside sources I still had to face it. This time I was ready to ride that wave, instead of being engulfed by it and knocked about. I turned to an inner trust that kept me afloat.

The secret there is that I turned within. There is still an effort or action in turning within, but it is what strengthens you.

You know when you are at the sea and you get knocked down by a big wave, you feel like a helpless rag-doll being churned in the salty waters. You eventually get spat out, sometimes totally covered in sand and seaweed, hair sprawled across your face and your bikini is certainly not covering the right bits any more….  ;-P

  Well, you have two ways of dealing with that. You can scurry off and hide, possibly cry with mortification and wish the sea had just swallowed you up. (I have actually had this happen to me and this is exactly what I did) Or you can turn around and fix your bikini and head back to face the next wave. This time more experienced and ready.

This is all a metaphor for what fear can do to you. Whether you like the sea and swimming or not is not the point. But you do need to find something that teaches you how to get back up again:

  • Something that anchors you back to the present moment.
  • Something that reminds you to conquer your fears and carry on.


I am so grateful I am in a good place right now, I think my time with Saturn (read about my Saturn Return experience) toughened me up and taught me more than I realise. Even though I feel good now, I still face catching the fear virus and, like I said, it is contagious!

People who constantly talk about their fears, be it financial worries, health concerns, relationship stresses…. the list is endless, are only feeding that virus. We have to learn to get into a position to stop and shield the fear from ‘infecting us’.

4 steps to cure fear:

Think U.G.L.A! 😉

  1. Upgrade – Change the topic of conversation and upgrade your thoughts. Often the hardest thing to do, but try it and see how it improves things. NOTE: This is a skill that needs to be practised so you can do it with finesse. If you want to talk/think about this topic but it ends up draining you then upgrade your thoughts and words and revisit the topic after completing the following>
  1. Gratitude – Focus on something you are grateful for. Gratitude literally rewires your brain and your hormones so you can function better = Improved Health. At least twice a day I make sure I count my blessings, and this perfectly alters my current mind set. Wouldn’t it be great if thoughts of appreciation were as contagious as fear…..?! The choice is yours!
  1. Love – Be compassionate and forgiving – A lot of people disregard this as a pathetic and weak statement. On the contrary, it truly is powerful and can alter your well-being instantly. Feel compassion for everyone you engage with. This will instantly melt a barrier that further feeds fear-based emotions.

Have self-love. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Forgive others and your own mishaps, ignorances, and fear-based emotions. You have no idea how much of a relief it is to let go of fear-based emotions and allow a sense of forgiveness and compassion wash over you…. Try it!

  1. Assist – Look for guidance and offer support. See an opportunity in every moment. Either someone or something is highlighting something for you to become aware of, or perhaps you can be a beacon of light for them and offer them solace. This is not an opportunity to indulge in drama that only feeds the fear, but rather a golden moment that elevates you from that place.

REMEMBER: When you ask for guidance, don’t just wish for it to happen, take the necessary action to avail of a helping hand. Be that helping hand. This step then leads us back to gratitude. Karma – such a beautiful thing when you play by its rules!