Full Moon Blessings

Today, 5th Jan 2015 – is the first full Moon of our New Year.

What a beauty she is! While over here in Portugal, I have been heading out in the evening to watch the sun set (pretty magical time) and as I walk back I see the beautiful big moon shining back at me.

The Full moon is a time when we are filled with light. The sun goes down and the moon lights up. We are highly energised by this Universal Light. Most people will feel this as an amplification of energy, perhaps a giddy or excited vibe within or with others. Some people feel it so much that they feel lethargic and need to rest. Either way, the Full Moon amplifies our current state so be aware of that energy you are carrying.

This is not a time to blow a fuse or overreact. This is a time to honour and respect yourself and others. Be gentle and kind to yourself. A time to appreciate abundance, to feel grateful and full of life (light). Recognise that which is being pushed too much by this energy, perhaps this is a reminder to let go of something that is too heavy and that you have been holding on to for too long. Let it go.

The moon is cyclical, and one way of looking at these cycles is connecting it to the breath. The moon is on a 28 day cycle. Imagine we breathe in for 14 days and out for 14 days – just imagine. We inhale to fill ourselves with energy (breath & light), imagine you have taken a big inhale and you are now at the 14th day of inhale – you are full – how does that feel to you?

Take a breath now and experience that fullness of energy and breath. Even better, while looking at the full moon this evening, breathe in and experience its fullness of light and the effect it has on you.

You are about to let go of your breath and begin the exhale for the next 14 days – what will you release on your exhale? Keep that train of thought going over the next few days, you are in control of your breath and of your energy. It is up to you to give it a purpose and intention.


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