Full Moon Mind

Energy Insights:

Having just come back from a wonderful shamanic ceremony in Winchester, the beautiful countryside of England, I returned to London with a message for myself, a reminder that I want to share with you. Trust in the moment and you find the answer you are looking for, no need to force that which is not ready.

“Don’t believe everything you think and don’t worry about everything you feel”

Some days you are big and some days you are small, energy is always fluctuating – like our breath, energy is always in motion – hence it is alive and it flows in a cycle, just like the phases of our moon and what it teaches us. Nothing is ever still – always changing. Our part in this energy cycle is a choice. To choose to be conscious with the energy at play in each moment. Trusting in that current of energy and resisting the urge to force it.

Full Moon Blessings:

The Full Moon lands on the 25th of November 2015 – 22:45pm. The Moon in Gemini (mutable air), the Sun in Sagittarius (mutable fire) – an exacting opposition on the mental axis, asking us to make a choice and rejoice in that decision. Mutable Air and Fire – a passionately thoughtful and pleasing combination, the union of head and heart.

Full Moon in GeminiFull Moon energy is all about appreciation and gratitude for the abundance, the fullness you have in life. And also about letting go, releasing the hold on life. Let it be as it should be, in all its glory. The fullness of the Moon can mark an intensely emotional time for those sensitive to the lunar energies, which is why a release is important – cry, scream, laugh, love and embrace that heightened emotion.

This Gemini Moon also sheds its light on our mind: the logical thinker and the creative philosopher, the chatty friend and the good listener – one on their own is not enough but when the pair combine – magic happens. This pairing tends to happen when we release our controlling and judgmental tendencies and have faith in ourselves. When you do – even if just for a fleeting moment – you will experience a mental freedom that only trust can offer.  Being over quizzical can blur the meaning of life, yet with no appreciation for the greatness of each experience it all becomes a little dull.

It is also about stepping into your authentic self, not just about the ever-present need for balance between your left and right brain, your yin and yang energy. Yes, specifically this Full Moon, we are pulled in to focus on our mental energy, but equally this spans out to all aspects of our being. Who are you and who are you pretending to be?

The indecisive Gemini is balanced with the blazing force of Sagittarius, helping us to make up our mind and go forward. As we come close to the end of this year of change “we are being empowered to finally make a choice that is aligned with both our head and heart.” source


Yoga Practice:

Check back on your intention from 2 weeks ago at the New Moon: What from that has manifested? What are you grateful for from the last 2 weeks? What are you ready to release? …… Let these answers make up your intentions for today.

Gemini Full Moon Intention:

I bow my head to my heart and live today from there. (Anjali mudra)

The passion of my heart leads my head to think of a plan how to achieve my dreams.

I allow burdens to slide off my shoulders with ease. (Melting Heart Pose)

I let my body love what it loves.

Breath is of great importance for this yoga practice. Being such a mutable and mental energy we want to hone in our focus to our balancing breath. Count the length of each breath: Inhale for a count of 4 and exhale for a count of 4. After ten of those, see if you can increase the count to 6. Notice the state of your mind after you have taken time to just tune into your breath. I can never emphasise enough the simple importance and power of your breath.

Anjali Mudra is one of the most used mudras around the world. A symbol of respect, love and peace. A gesture of prayer and symbolic of finding balance at ones heart. “If you have attended even one yoga class, it is a familiar gesture: the drawing together of one’s palms at the heart.” Use this to symbolise a connection to your own heart, a place of pure balance, your own authentic centre. Use it while setting your intentions, while working on your breath, at the beginning and end of your practice or with certain poses like in your sun salutations and tree pose.

1Sun Salutations – a yoga practice all on its own. This is sometimes all you need, each movement in the classical Sun Salutations will open up your spine, enhancing your posture and your energy flow. Do it slowly or build heat by making it more dynamic. Either way focus on your shoulders especially in Up dog and down dog.

Eagle Pose – perfect to ease out tight shoulders (the area associated with Gemini). Twisting your arms and legs and holding the balance in your posture, then unwinding to enjoy the rush of release running through your limbs as your ground back on two feet.

Melting Heart – Yin Pose: Great to ease tension from the chest and back. Opening the heart space and softening the shoulders. Can also be done standing against a wall: Press the hands in to a wall, keeping the legs strong, let the chest melt towards the wall/floor – feeling a deep stretch in to your chest and across your shoulders.

Firefly Pose (Tittibhasana) – if you are feeling energised and up for a challenge try this beautiful arm balancing pose. This will work your core and back strength not to mention your arms and shoulders. And will help you focus on opening your heart and stretching your hamstrings and groin.


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