5 Simple Tips for the Full Moon

Happy Full Moon Day!

This evening the moon will be at it’s fullest. Be good to yourself at this time, rest if you need to, do some Yin Yoga… or stay in savasana a bit longer! 😉

This is a time when our emotions can get the better of ourselves, or our head can be frantic with thoughts. If this happens stop and get grounded, become fully present in this moment. Recognize your breath and the way it is constantly changing, every moment is changing. Let that be a reminder that all your emotions and thoughts can change too and don’t have to stay in overdrive mode. By getting present and connected to NOW you have the ability to calm the mind and soothe your emotions. Even if for just a short space in time this will help and then give you the chance to change your way of thinking or feeling!

Check out my blog on: How to get grounded or into the present moment

What to do for this full moon:

  1. Get grounded, see the blog above
  2. Clear your crystals: Set your crystals or anything you connect to as a tool of meditation and peacekeeping. Set them in a grid (layout in a way that feels right to you) set an intention for them to be cleared of any negativity and give them a new goal or purpose. To keep you level and balanced, to continuously clear you of negativity or to keep you positive, grounded, loving or grateful…. You name it and set the intention.
  3. Let go of the past: Take a moment to look back over 2013. This is the last full moon of 2013. It has been a big year. What have you been through, where are you now. See this time of reflection as a time to let go of the past and to be grateful for all you have now. Accept the mistakes or troubles but move on.
  4. Be grateful: A full moon is a wonderful time to feel the abundance of what you have, the fullness of life is being reflected in the suns light on the moon. List all the people, things and moments you are grateful for. Gratitude will always help you bring more of that positivity into your life situation. List all that you are happy with yourself, how you look, how you treat others, how others treat you…. Find as many good qualities as you can and be thankful that you have it!
  5. Set Goals: Project your intentions forward for next year. After taking stock of the year gone by, give yourself some time to set your goals and intentions for 2014. Dream big and work on manifesting those dreams by focusing on you achieving it and feeling the benefit of it!

Any of these tips can be done the 3 days leading up to a full moon or the 3 days following. Actually do this as often as you can – it is so good for your wellbeing, but at the full moon you can make it a nice ritual and give the practice a bit more time.

So enjoy this Full Moon – the last of 2013 and just a few days before the Winter Solstice and Christmas. This is a magical time, make it magical for you and those around you by tapping into that magic and stay present and grounded!



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