Full Moon – When the Jug is full to the brim…

How are you feeling with the Full Moon Energy?

These first few weeks of January are certainly building up in me. I always know when it is close to a Full Moon, without looking to the sky, I start to feel like the jug is almost full to the brim.

I wasn’t sure if it was mid-week or weekend full moon, and had to check online for the date. Quite relieved to know it is 16th January 2014.

There is a lull just before the Full Moon, the lead up to it. It’s a time where those that are sensitive feel the most. It is when we are filled with energy, some feel high some feel low. It is all a cycle, and this is one of my most favourite cycles. This fullness never lasts, likewise the fresh feeling or blank page of a New Moon eventually gets filled with events, words, thoughts and feelings….

I like to think of it like this: The cycle is represented by the Jug – full or empty.  When leading up to the Full Moon, jug almost full to the brim, there is a moment where you have to lift the jug but not let it spill. This is the lull I mention above. This is where our energy can get scattered, if you spill the jug too early you may become wired and erratic or feel out of control, some find the challenge of lifting the full jug too much and get down on themselves or exhausted. The ability to lift the jug without spilling requires an inner focus, a calmness. This is why it is a great time to slow down your yoga practice, or rest more, retreat and have a pamper evening. Let this time be as gentle as you can because on another level you are exerting your energy to hold this space and lift the jug.

We all have to work, we all have daily life stresses, but if we can slow some things down and take a moment to hold the peace within. That moment you give yourself will be rewarded with the satisfaction when you can tilt the jug and pour the liquid out. At the time of the Full Moon and the days after there is a satisfaction, or a time of appreciation. You may feel pleased with your efforts to remain centred and also understand that the previous two weeks are now over. This is why we offer gratitude at the Full Moon. Appreciate the effort or energy you have put in to achieving the intentions you set at the New Moon (1st Jan 2014). Be grateful for all that came your way and let go, so you release to clear space for more to come.

So remember, nothing lasts forever, life is a beautiful cycle. Enjoy and be present in every moment so that cycle is appreciated and fulfilled!


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