Gateway of Enlightenment

Energy Insights:

What a week – can you feel it! Not only is it Christmas and all the madness, excitement and drama that brings! 😉 We had the Winter Solstice yesterday and the Full Moon in two days!

Energetically this phase is known as a Gateway. The Solstice Gateway – an accelerated time of transformation – some will feel it personally, particularly those sensitive and tuned into the currents of energy around them, some may even be awakening for the first time and their senses are becoming heightened. But this is not just happening on a personal level of course, it stems from a greater planetary shift. Earth is shifting consciousness. It always is, as are you – that’s evolution, but this is a time for a big step in the right direction. This gateway is open for the Light to come and uplift in a strong way. Feel it, see it or hear it – we all know it is time.

It is up to us to hold the space for this time, to allow this energy to enlighten us in the process and focus on allowing (not resisting) the necessary change and breakdown of old patterns. The Earth is shifting in consciousness (just as we are) and we act as the gatekeepers of this energy shift, those who work with energy like myself have been working with the chakras of the Earth, light grids, sacred geometry patterns coming in and just observing or holding the space for Gaia (Mother Earth).

You do the same when you connect with your Chakras. Ground your energy in the present moment -you are acting as a connector for Universal Consciousness to planet Earth. Because of the rise in Lightworkers and people connecting to something greater, we see the energy of the Earth rise. Which in turn nudges more people to connect to that greater energy – another chicken or the egg scenario – what comes first!? Energy is everywhere, it is up to you to connect to it if you choose and take part in this shift!

This Winter Solstice & Full Moon period is a wonderful gateway of energy, the play of Solar Energy that I wrote about on Monday. Check it out in full on my blog. Use this energy to reboot your own system and set the precedent for the next 13 weeks leading into 2016.

Full Moon Blessings:

And then, to make this year’s Christmas even more magical we have a very special Full Moon at 11:11 am GMT on Christmas Day, 25th December 2015. How cool is that?

What makes this so unique?

  • Last Full Moon on Christmas day was 1977
  • Next one not til a predicted 2034
  • And what are the odds on it landing at 11:11am – unlikely!!
  • The Moon reaches its peak over the Heart Chakra of Earth (Glastonbury) at 11.11am GMT
  • 11:11 numerology symbolises initiation and creation. It is the Christ Consciousness* energy.
  • Christmas Day -25th Dec – is the birthday of Christ – strip away the religious conditioning and look at this in a symbolic context. The birth of the son of God – the birth of the Sun (Light) of Divine. An opportunity for each of us to be enlightened by the Christ Consciousness.

*Christ Consciousness is a term used to encompass this EnLightened energy. It is not favouring on any one person, or group, or religion, or even the Lightworker community. Christ Consciousness is the field of Pure Love, the energy that all living things in our entire universe/multiverse thrive on.

Christ, or Jesus as one story goes, was born on this day – his Light was birthed into this world. I have briefly mentioned some other cultures (here) where this story is mirrored but with other sons (Sun) becoming enlightened. Think to the basic planetary meaning. The birth of Light comes from the Sun as it breaks the darkest day of the year – Winter Solstice. Energetically we are at the beginning, the birth point of light, from this day on we become more enlightened – days become longer (Northern Hemisphere) and brighter!

Full Moon is a time to release the old, be grateful for all, and feel full with abundance! What a wonderful time to celebrate the abundance of life – Christmas! E merry and be thankful!


I will be joining in a global meditation at 11:11am GMT to assist in holding this energy during the Solstice Gateway. Wherever you are for Christmas, take a moment to connect with this wonderful energy and harness it for the higher good of yourself and of all. Do whatever feels most appropriate for you. It could be a simple lighting of a candle, a moment of contemplation, a hug with a loved one, or even a full blown ceremony of sorts. Make that time count as you take part in grounding this beautiful energy enlightening all around you.

If you have crystals please don’t forget to place them in a grid preferably on the ground, or at least in the light of a window. Set them the intention that they reconfigure to this energy and enlighten you and your home.

Lastly, I wish you a wonderful and Merry Christmas. Enjoy this time with family and friends.

Have a fabulous New Year’s Celebrations too!

Love and big hugs



Dublin Christmas Workshop

27th Dec 11am Yin Yoga – Embodying the energy of the Winter Gateway (21st-25th Dec). Deeply relaxing, releasing and restoring – just what you need after this manic festive period!

28th Dec 11am Chakra Yoga – a full flow targeting your entire energy body, dynamic and opening practice to reenergise your system

 Location: My Wellbeing Studio Dame St Dublin 2  – Please book in advance via paypal>>

Angel Energy Workshop cancelled and will be postponed til the New Year. It is great to have your interest noted so I will put on a full day workshop (along with another crystal healing one) in 2016