Goal Setting

Lent! It has arrived – time to give up something we love too much, like chocolate (Eek!) or to quit a bad habit, like cursing (S*1t!) or even to take up a positive habit, like walking to work or thinking positively. January has passed and perhaps the New Year’s resolutions have slipped. Use this chance to start over – this time make BIG goals, set life goals rather than giving things up and hoping to last til next week!

By making goals you allow yourself to strive for something important to you. There is a finish line that you are racing to achieve, there is a positive outcome when you have achieved that goal – you feel pretty chuffed when you accomplish a goal that you have set your mind to!

Vision Board

It may be easier to firstly project yourself into the future. Create your vision: imagine yourself in ten years from now. Basically ramble on about your perfect life in 10 years. But write in the present. Be as descriptive as you can, describing the look and style of your home, your fitness and health level, your location in the world, your dream job – everything! Just make it sound as real as if you are describing what is around you right now!

You can even collect images of your vision and make a collage of scrap pictures, magazine cut outs, photos and drawings and pop them on your wall or in your wardrobe if you want it just to yourself. Looking at a visual of your dream future will help you create a daily affirmation of what you have and what is coming to you. This is much more beneficial than looking at the negative and of what you can’t have… just dream it up and believe that you have it!

I had great goal coaches in a former dream job at lululemon athletica Mosman Sydney – there they helped me to think big, set goals and work towards something. You can find loads of useful tips and advice on their website too.

So get started:

  • Dream up your Ten Year Vision
  • Set categories: personal goals, relationship, career, travel and health goals.
  • Work backwards setting goals for each phase in your life. Break down each goal by year -10 year goal, 5 year goal and 1 year goal – you now have a structure to follow.
  • Make the Goal S.M.A.R.T Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely
  • Write easy to recite affirmations
  • Set positive goals in the present tense
  • Print it off – place it where you see it regularly (bathroom, wardrobe, car, wallet….  Stick to it – share your goals so others can keep you accountable!
  • Relish in the glory of achieving your goals!

Goal setting can be great fun and you can easily get carried away with the dreaming of it all – use these guidelines when you write your goals to keep yourself on track. Remember to keep your goals short, one liners so you can list them all off quickly. The easier it is to say the goal the more you can repeat it and use it as an affirmation.

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