Graceful Emergence – Full Moon in Libra

Full Moon in Libra April 4th 2015 Lunar Eclipse (partial in Europe)

Make time to withdraw and be quiet this Full Moon. As you meditate and bask in that isolation listen to the awakening of an intimate union within. Find an inner partnership within your solitude.


Hold on to your seat, this roller coaster is doing its last loop-de-loop and will end with a halt letting you get off and make that big announcement.

This energy has been building for a while, you know it has too, you can feel it. The tensions that have been mounting are now starting to build to an immense climax, especially as you prepare to set the record straight with yourself. The eclipse will cause you to look yourself in the eye and embrace the inner and outer reality asking you to find a satisfying solution that allows you to live your truth.

Hold steady with this intense energy, the Full Moon will always make you feel a pinch – so don’t freak out. As I have said before here>> it is like carrying a bucket in each hand filled with water to the brim and someone telling you to run without spilling! Find ways to harness this intense energy and put it into something rewarding for yourself. Don’t spill that water, use it to hydrate yourself and fuel your potential.


That current internal battle of heart and head will ask to finally be resolved. You may feel that your inability to make decisions and your lackluster oomph is ready for an overhaul – well you are right. Spring is here, and it is calling for your attention. Not only did the Spring Equinox and the last New Moon, Solar Eclipse cause a serious shake up (one you may still be reeling from), this Full Moon is calling for you to complete that spring clean and clear out all the dust that remains  – clear it out now. Start this spring with a new approach, the one you feel but have been ignoring!


This Full Moon energy is also asking for you to face your truth, weigh up those scales and find a harmony between your own yin and yang energy. Learn the harmony that can be found within the balance of your feelings and your thoughts. When you do resolve this conflict of your own duality you will be set on a path that will lead to your goals manifestation.

As much as there will be a pressure felt with your emotions that are ready to pop, there is an easy energy about with this Full Moon that will facilitate your approach in releasing such a force, so keep your eyes and ears open for those opportunities. Especially in the days that follow. Communicate and express your truth.




This Full Moon is calling for some graceful movements that mimic a marriage of your physical movement and inner energy.  Let your intuition guide you to move with ease, trust that you know what is needed for your body. This might not seem apparent until you have completed the movement and feel the benefit of the effective asana.

Yoga Poses:

Start with some easy spinal movements, like cat and cow or seated pelvic tilt. Let the movement of your pelvis reverberate along your spine.

Awaken your heart with Sphinx Pose – let go of your need to think – just be with your body.

Mermaid Pose – is advanced but will deeply open your hips and back, take caution when trying this. Modify in a pigeon pose

Dancer Pose: a perfect graceful balancing pose – ideal for harnessing the Libran energy. Any balance pose will work here – think of the scales that represent the Libra. Find balance in your stance.

Cool down with some soft forward bends that elongate your back, targeting your lower back stretch and a good cleanse on your kidneys. Try Janu Sirsasana to stretch the side of your lower back.

End with a deep relaxation and meditation on the above insight. Perhaps even cover the eyes with an eye pillow for Savasana – ahh bliss!



Time to clear our crystals with the Full Moon light.

Place your crystals in a grid that perhaps represents harmony for you.

Set an intention to let go of unwanted energy that is no longer serving you or your crystals.

Bless your crystals and give them great thanks, appreciate all that they do for your energy.

If you have been a little nonchalant with your crystal care then don’t fret now is the ideal time to take them out, dust them and give them a super cleanse. Let them bathe in the Moon’s light and be recharged for your benefit. Your crystals need a big spring clean too!



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