Grounding into present moment

How to get grounded or into the present moment

  • Slow down your breathe. Do the 3 part breath breathe into your belly to ease anxiety, to your ribs to calm the nervous system and into your chest slowly to relax the heart.
  • Feel your feet on the floor or even better on the ground (outside is more fun with texture and temperature) List all the sensation you are detecting through your feet. If in your office get creative, is the sole of your shoe smooth, have your got a stone in your shoe. Can you take your socks off what is the flooring like??!
  • Awaken all senses. Stop for a few seconds and scan through your senses – what do you see? Hear? Taste? Smell?  And feel – we started that one already with the feet – so carry on the same way….
  • Walking meditation. Go for a very short walk or maybe if time is on your side a long walk – no music just you and your senses, be fully present with every step you take and use the above tips to get your moving mindfully.


7 Ways to Get Grounded

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