Happy New Year & New Moon


What an exciting time ahead!

The New Moon and New Year’s Day in one.

A New Moon is an excellent time to renew your self-belief, set new intentions putting them out to be manifested.  It is this time off the lunar month that we get the opportunity to re-evaluate the last month and change ideas or values that we see fit. That is what I love about the moon, the energy of the lunation gives us wonderful chances to refresh our thinking and our living habits.

And what better timing than on the first day of 2014!

For this New Moon, look back not just over the month gone by but the Year of 2013 – without regret or negative emotions just take the time to assess what it is you wish to change, what new qualities you want to bring into your life, or what habits you want to create or remove.


When you set your intentions remember to get all of you behind these new resolutions.  That means believe it, make sure your words, actions and thoughts are all assisting this process. I hear so many people say ‘you are so positive but life is just not that simple’ – yeah, I feel that too sometimes, but I also work hard to observe why I feel it is hard, or why I feel I don’t have time. It always comes back to how I am approaching the situation. Which in one way can be empowering, in another can be harder to deal with.

If you know it is only yourself you are up against then take charge, little by little alter for the better who you are and how you deal with life. On the other hand it is the hardest task to work on ourselves, so be compassionate and patient too! But hey, this is what life is about and why we are here. So observe and then adjust if you need to.


Your actions : how you stand or physical react – stand tall and strong, proud yet humble. Work on your posture and facial reactions. Turn that frown upside down!

Your words : if you put out an intention but start saying ‘I can’t’, or ‘I will never get there’… well, there you go you said it, words are energy too so make them match your desires. When chatting to others just watch what you say. This one in particular has been something I changed and noticed massive differences. But it is a habit so needs constant checking in!

And your thoughts : our thoughts are our strongest link to our manifestations – believe and dream about it, think positively about your goals!

To align with your new resolutions/intentions you need to embody it fully, so remember these key tips when setting your New Moon and New Year resolutions… and keep your intentions simple! Baby steps towards a bigger goal is best


Happy New Year! Happy New Moon!

1st January 2014



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