Heart Purging, Soul Upgrade

There is an energetic shift going on at the moment  – especially last week and still lingering this into this week asking to be released with the Full Moon. Essentially, it is a big shift for your heart energy. Your heart chakra is also the seat of your Soul.

 I am calling it a Soul Upgrade.

It is causing many people to feel a purge of the heart chakra energies. Your relationships, your desires, your possessions, your fears, angers and worries are all being dragged to the surface for a good cleansing. Acceptance, forgiveness and love is needed now.

Big fears, doubts and angst have been pushed to the forefront for awareness. Perhaps you have felt this too, it may have lead you to feel hopeless or a difficulty to remain optimistic. I have mentioned in previous posts that this year is calling for a serious shift in our consciousness. You do not have to feel continuously enthusiastic, but cultivate an awareness of this shift, and that awareness will help to keep your head above water.

There is a bigger picture.

You are being asked to cultivate understanding and compassion so that you will dissolve fear and anger. Evolve and transform and as you become conscious of this shift, you can transform fear to love. The more you train yourself to feel the revolution of love (heart) the more you will grow and no-longer can you be held in the grip of fear. Unconditional love and acceptance will prevail.

This purging of heart energy is clearing you out on a higher consciousness level – meaning our Souls are upgrading (as they always are) but you may feel this repercussion on a physical, emotional or mental level. Hence, your emotions are being stirred, or the body is feeling sore or sick, or your head is bombarded with overthinking. I faced this last week and really had to turn in and do a massive clear out energetically speaking (Chakra Analysis and healing) – it brought up flu like symptoms, I ached all over and I have spent nights experiencing some fairly out-there dreams – and I am quite used to my astral travels at this stage but these were different.

The point is there is a massive healing taking place, or at least an opportunity for you to take advantage of this time and clear out, transform and heal. Once we accept the healing process taking place we can release this (Full Moon) and actually flow with the ‘upgrade’ for our heart energy (our Pure Soul). Tune in to what your Soul is seeking, what direction is your Soul pointing you in?

Meditate on your Soulful Heart.

Make sure you focus on yourself at the moment – we all need a great deal of self-love to keep our hearts high and open. Share your love with others and have compassion for those who are also feeling this shift but perhaps are unaware of it.