How to Experience the NOW

How often do you actually get present?? It is tough right? I too find it hard to actually give myself the permission to let go and switch off. But it is so worth it when I can, wow what a difference I can feel. It is only down to self-discipline to make it a regular thing and then you are in a habit and it won’t seem so tough. It is the beginning that is hard….

Try for a moment to just focus on breathing – nothing else! No other thoughts, distractions or fidgeting?

…………………….Honestly, try it!…………………….

How long did you last?

It is as if we are allergic to being still for a moment, afraid of what we might miss or what might come up if we stop.

Our minds are constantly on. We are always thinking of a few things on the go and our physical body acts out the tasks that need to be done, multi-tasking is now common place!

Ever text someone while also chatting to a friend beside you, at the same time you can hear the conversation around you and you don’t fall over as you navigate your way through town?! Madness! But we all do it.

We are incredible multi-taskers – impressive some would say or delusional is another way of looking at it! It is wonderful that we can multi-task, but do we ever switch off? Do we ignore the signs that our body is telling us just because we are too busy to really deal with it?

I say delusional because are you aware of the many things you are doing – or are you on auto pilot and managing to just get by? Are you ignoring all the signs but resisting because you have been taught to pull up your socks and keep going?!

We can keep running around becoming busier and busier but we are doing this at the detriment of our health. There is no need to go extreme here, but find a way to balance it. I am sure you already have your way of winding down, but below are some simple tips that will actually benefit your well-being and health.

You see, mind and body do not function on their own, they need emotion and soul to give them purpose and enjoyment. It comes back to this wonderful harmony that we all seek.

It is your emotional response that really gets you going, if you have no emotional response then you are merely acting out tasks that your mind is directing you to do. You are a machine. When you listen to and feel your emotions you become more proactive, you do things for a reason and you get something more out of a task.

By becoming present you can slow down and feel what needs to be done, you let go of the collar that is holding you back. Everyone’s path is different so no one rule will work on all. But one good overall guide is Get Present.


There is no need to put pressure on yourself to hold everything, and be everything all at once. But allowing the present moment to stream through you, little glimmers of inner peace every now and then will have a great impact on your overall health. Be the productive multi-tasker who knows their limits and listens to their inner guidance.

Every experience needs to be felt, we need to recognise our emotional reactions and be in our heart to feel it. Emotions are energy in motion, you don’t need to hold the emotion but you do need to experience it for what it is. Like a wave let is wash in feel it and then let it go. If you do not deal with it, you are effectively holding that emotion or wave in you. After a while it will burst and you will need to let it go one way or another.

The more often you give yourself time to be in the NOW the more you give yourself that time to let go and be. Switch off from being a Permanently-On Multi-Tasker.

Experience a glimmer of the NOW as often as you can!



How to be in the NOW

 ✔ Stop and Breathe – my favourite way to get present… and it is soooo simple. Can be done anywhere, any time. In the office, in the car (parked 😉 of course) before bed or first thing in the morning! Just do it! Build from 5 mins a few times a day to 10 or 15 mins at least twice a day. If you don’t know how to start this try these >>Balancing Breath , Golden Thread Breath and the most simple the 3 Part Breath

 ✔ Yoga – this teaches you to be in the now – the benefits come when you apply what you learn on the mat to life outside the yoga studio. Yoga is so valuable because it causes you to get in the moment, breathe and move consciously. When doing yoga – try not to think about what you look like or what your neighbour is doing. Get so present that you feel every muscle work and ligament stretch, use your breath to help you stay out of your head. Then apply these principals to life when you are exercising your ability to be present.

 ✔ Multi-Tasker to Uni-Tasker – Become aware of the ONE task you are doing and do it with a full heart. Be totally there for your friend, just chatting no phones. Be completely aware of all senses when cooking, or out walking.

Don’t numb out the reality of Now, be in it!

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