How to let go of a Negative Relationship and Heal your Heart

A relationship breakdown is hard, very hard. Emotionally and physically we are without something that once was comfort and support. Regardless of how it dissolves, and how well it is resolved on a subconscious level our heart is the last to heal.

Do you let a negative relationship linger? It is like a toxic treat. You know it is not serving you but you can’t seem to part with it because it is feeding your craving.

Relationships can get the better of us. But start with the relationship you have with yourself. Get real with what you are choosing to listen to and take from others – because if you are taking crap from others you are probably taking it from yourself first! Simple steps to heal your heart and your inner relationship will help.

Take time to heal your heart every day.

Love must begin within. Love for yourself, then love for others. One of my most favourite quotes from ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’

 “We accept the love we think we deserve”.

The love you have for yourself sets the tone for the love you receive into your life and heart.

Your relationship is broken, gone or negative. You need to go into healing mode. When in healing mode, focus on loving you, get that up and running and feel your love burn from within. So many people find this hard to do because they feel it is being big headed or seen as conceited. But not you, you will do this as a personal practice, no one needs to know. You don’t need to shout it from the roof tops – just have that quiet confidence in your self-love.

No one needs to know that this is what you are working on in your personal time, but on a subconscious level others will see the self-respect you have and the love you deserve based on the standards you set for yourself.

Self-love starts with Heart Healing.

Heart Healing Exercise:

1)     Just sit and place your hands on your chest, listen to your heart beat. Use your breath to expand the space at your chest. Feel and listen to the air passing at your chest. Your breath is a heart healer.

Breathe in love – visualise a nurturing hug for your heart. 
With your exhale let go, release and forgive.

2)     Forgiveness and Acceptance is a massive task that will have endless positive repercussions.

a.     Accept: recognise the negative, the bad that both sides contributed, accept the state of the relationship, without needed to fix it, just let it be.

b.     Forgive Them: as hard as it may seem, by forgiving them you are allowing yourself to let go of a resentment that you are holding on to. It does not mean you forget, you learn from any hurt that was caused but you also forgive.

c.     Forgive Yourself: stop beating yourself up, it happened. Be the friend that your heart needs and forgive yourself. This may take time, but keep at it. You are worth your forgiveness.


3)     Do things your heart loves, exercise the heart. Get it ticking in love again. That could be with a creative project that you are passionate about – art, sculpture, redecorating, hey it might even be your love of shopping!! 😉 But start doing things that you love to do. Cooking with friends, share the food you make. Exercise your heart also means get moving, whatever your preferred form of movement is it will get the blood and breath circulating in your heart – that will help to shift and transform any negativity you have been harbouring in your heart.


4)     This is an important one: Send love to your person you have the relationship with (husband, wife, partner, friend, family member), visualise negative cords that bond the two of you being cut and cleared and see new loving bonds being created. Let this new cord be loose and free. If you are visual – see it as a translucent cord. Your connection will always bind you but add this freedom so you can grow and heal separately.

Tie cutting is a tricky exercise, and not to be done aggressively. If anger crops up during this process, return to your breath and calm yourself. A little tip: if seeing the cords cut is difficult picture it changing colour first. This is a mind trick, the mind believes what it sees, work on this daily slowly seeing the colour change and eventually dissolve or become see through and loose.

For more on this contact me for a healing session. I predominantly deal with relationship healing and heal on a subconscious level of both involved. Tie cutting is a difficult task if you are still heavily emotionally involved. I can offer help and healing on the phone or in person.   

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