Introducing my First Online Programme

I am so excited to announce this! I have been working hard to create this programme, and it has been a dream to move some of what I teach online, so I can reach you when you can’t make it to me.

My passion has always been in the Subtle Body and the Chakras, even when I studied Interior Architecture – I designed award winning spaces that enhanced your energy on and emotional level, I did my thesis on the effects of colour, light and space on our psyche. When I studied Ashtanga Yoga I was fascinated in delving deep into the practice and learning more of the philosophy, the reason why we did yoga – it is more than the movement, it is the connection to our inner world and finding self-liberation – I find that through the study of the Chakras we have a road map to follow.

Untitled design (7)My first year teaching yoga in Ireland, I knew I had to do what my heart wanted to teach. I wanted to teach more about the depth of yoga and how it is a life practice off the mat as well as on. So, I set up the first ever Chakra Yoga Workshop. I was blown away by the response, choca-bloc room filled with beautiful people wanting to learn. I have been very lucky to be able to continue and develop these workshops over the years.

This is the natural progression of the Chakra Yoga Workshops – An Online Learning Programme that will allow you to acquire all that information, yoga poses, meditation, and life exercises that will teach you more about how connected you are to this Universal Energy. This energy that we play with on a daily basis. Learn how interconnected we all are, and that we can regulate and enhance our energy, if we choose to.



So join me on this 7 week programme – Chakra Wellness Online Programme. Sign up now.

Each week we cover one of the 7 main Chakras. These also link with the Dublin Chakra Yoga Workshops. held at The Studio on Nassau St. There is a special price offer for you if you choose to do both – all 6 Yoga Workshops and this fabulous Online Learning Programme.Chakra Wellbeing

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The cost is only €2 a day. All of the Chakra Workshops and more info, guided meditations, yoga poses. Yours to keep forever, direct to your inbox. That is only €98 for 7 weeks of my tuition.

***>> 24 hr sale ends on 27th Aug 2014 <<*** Email me for Discount Code

Registrations closes on the 6th Sept 2014.

The programme starts on the 7th of Sept 2014 for 7 weeks.

If you have any further questions please let me know 😉



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