Know Yourself and Be Empowered

Life is complex, life is simple….. The glass is half full, or empty.

There are many views in this world and many right and wrong paths. The importance is the knowledge and empowerment of self, we can choose our path and our path can lead to many things – good things, new lessons and difficult situations. Only we know ourselves and what is right for us. Our lesson in life is to know yourself and use that knowledge to your advantage.

Know yourself

Sometimes our path leads to a fork in the road, this again faces us with a choice. Ultimately, the choice we make is always the right one. Some will say that we chose the wrong path and others will guide, and there are some that observe our steps and allow us to take the path because they know that no one can teach this lesson that only the self can learn. Our lesson is our own, it is our responsibility that is why our choice can be the hardest thing to do and then accept. On the other hand – the glass half full – this choice is freedom and can be most liberating too!

Take responsibility for your life, for every choice, for the energy you put in and put out into your life. This can be the most empowering thing you will ever do. Know yourself and become empowered.

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