Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon

What a special time of the year! Can you feel it? Many astrological events happening at the mo and one of my all-time faves – The Full Moon! I am feeling such a boost of energy this full moon, a sense of excitement, full of ideas and inspiration.

This is not always the case and sometimes the Full Moon can have the opposite effect – I can feel overwhelmed, like too much all at once, not enough hours in the day to complete my tasks! That can be the effect of the Full Moon and you need to tune into it to figure out how you react to the moons cycle. I am no astrologer, but I am highly tuned into the effects of the moon and with my guidance and interpretations I will show you how to emotionally work with the energies of the Lunar Cycle, rather than it taking you over.

Even more astrological events are happening within the next 24 hrs– and the reason I mention all of this is because if you are sensitive like me you will really feel this going on in your life but may not know why. Being aware of such astrological events can ease any emotional situations and shed a light on the greater world rather than just the bubble we live in.  So, here’s a few other things to know about:

  • Full Moon 14th / 15th April: You may feel full of life, excitement and radiant with joy. Full of emotion sometimes feeling extreme highs or lows – either way the Full Moon will amplify what you are feeling, so let it be, this is not a time to over react! Overwhelm can happen if you are unaware of these shifts in energy- knowing that it is a Full Moon can sometimes ease the emotional overdrive. Full Moon more on this topic>>
  • Mars closest to Earth: this is a massive energetic push that will highlight our desire to drive forward – you may feel a little nudge or a big shove!! This is also calling you to stand up for what you believe in, recognise your potential and let you know now is the time to do the things you have been putting off! Action – On your marks, get set, go!
  • Total Lunar Eclipse – Blood Moon: Pretty spectacular! First eclipse of this year. (there will be four of its kind) Probably not to be seen in Northern hemisphere. But you can watch it live on web. Blood moon = it glows a reddish hue, because the earth blocks the sunlight shining on the moon but the light still seeps through our atmosphere making this red glow. All this means that we may experience are shadow side. You may have noticed a few bumps in your path lately or perhaps you have been acting out of character. That is ok. Use this time as reflection. See what your shadow side is bringing up for you to deal with

Can you take it head on and put what you learn to good use and use the full moon energies to propel you forward?! If you have been looking for a push now is the time to go for it!

Check out my video and try this Breathing Exercise to gain balance >>

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