Moments & Memories

What a tremendous surge of energy is about at the moment. I am certainly feeling it and even though it is an exciting energy, it can be overwhelming at times. Check out some of the upcoming super energy dates!

With all this heightened energy about, you may be feeling like time is ticking – faster, that the race is about to begin but you are not yet at the start line. That you need to get more done but that you don’t have enough arms to carry out those tasks! If you are feeling anything like me at the moment then here is a little reminder I have been repeating: just focus on this moment – now! Seriously, do it now!

be here now

How reassuring is that – being present is nice, right?! Anyway, the race has already begun – you are in it whether you like it or not.

 “Wherever you are BE ALL THERE” ~ Jim Elliot

During a wonderful yoga session today I was reminded how easy it is to get carried away with life, but equally how simple it is to be present. It is so vital to exercise that ‘self-check-in’ muscle, and the more of a habit you make it the more opportunities you will have to turn each moment into a meaningful experience. No matter how simple and basic, each moment is worth your presence.

Yes, we are all busy and life takes over at times but being present is not saying don’t be prepared or plan in advance, nor do you stop making decisions based on your hopeful future. But don’t get so caught up in it that you lose the essence of what you are doing now.

Once the plan has been made and necessities are in place, you have to let it go and be present with the moment you are existing in. Life is made of moments and memories – make the most of every moment so that your memory of each day is a worthy one! When you look back on your life it is not the relief of getting there the fastest that stands out, nor the accumulation of things that makes it most memorable, but it is the stories you can laugh about, the people you shares your time with, the passionate creations that you shaped your life with that stand out. Make the moments count!


Remember you are part of something magnificent – this Universe is part of you. It is not to make you feel insignificant in comparison to the Universe but rather for you to realise your incredible participation in this Universe is what makes this Universe so magnificent in the first place.


Tips to check-in with to be present:

  • Your Breathe – Breath Deeply.
  • Your Stance/Posture – Be Comfortable in your Skin.
  • Your Emotions – Enjoy the Experience with all 5 Senses.
  • Your Thoughts – Exercising your Mind is Fun, laugh a little!

Smile! #LightHeartBrightSpirit