My Perinatal Yoga Teacher Training – Module I

Anatomy and Physiology of Birth 20th – 22nd April 2012

I am so excited to start this course, it is something I have quite an interest in yet I really don’t know that much about it (first day taught me that!) I look at pregnancy with rose tinted glasses, thinking that it is a wonderful time for a woman and just an incredible miracle that we can create a child. It is of course all of this but I never really like to dwell on the changes of the body or the pressure or side effects and post natal implications, the things I need to know if I wish to help other women enjoy this experience. So I think this is going to be the right course for me as I am all about the powerful female energy and empowering others to strive for their best. I think by combining my experience, knowledge and training this will really bring my passion to a fabulous new level. Education and information is key, the more you know the less of a struggle or surprise it will be…

So day one started with fab introductions. As I was super early (as always), even more than normal (as I thought it started at 9:30, not 10am) I headed off with Eilish to have a coffee – hadn’t had a coffee in a while so I was wired for the day!

We settled into the cool studio space in the Elbow Room, nestling into super comfy beanbags! We were introduced to the course structure and met our teachers- Lisa and Mellisa, and the other students. There is a great group of us – three yoga instructors, one midwife, one physiotherapist, two infant massage therapists, some working in the Coombe orHollesStreetHospitalsand Yoga Dublin and four of the eight women are moms. And, we have a very special guest in the course, ten week old super baby (never cries) Keela.

We got talking about the importance of nutrition, dietary advice and lifestyle choices that play an important role in getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy. (A great site to get info on diet and nutrition)

Of course the weekend would involve some interesting DVD’s. The BBC’s Inside The Human Body, with Michael Mosley took us through the process from conception right through to birth, fabulous state-of-the-art graphics, based on real images and scientific research, showed us what goes on in our bodies and how incredible the body is at coping with this new being growing inside us!

Being the anatomy and physiology module we learned a lot about the pelvis and the physiology of our bodies – for me the most fascinating was about our hormones and how they work.

Day two, started with a fabulous relaxing yoga class and, with no coffee today, I was fairly mellow – nice and chilled! We recapped on the day before and learned about the stages of birth. We watched an incredible DVD on natural birth ‘The Birth of Nico’.

The DVD shows the mother at home for the first stages, going through the contractions. This was great to see as she was at home in a familiar environment. Going through this stage can be long, so best to be comfortable and as relaxed as possible. It was amazing to see how she started with contractions being fairly normal, standing or clutching the door and after being able to talk and go back to watching TV or something. As the contractions progressed she became more quiet, turning into herself and connecting to the process, very instinctively she started to move with her body, slowly and calmly – there was less chat at this stage, she was so in tune with her body and naturally going with the process. Once she was 7cm dilated she moved to the birthing clinic/midwifery unit to birth the child. This DVD was extremely graphic….. Just a warning for anyone planning on watching it, it’s a real close up look at the birth. What was amazing to see were the deep lunges the mother was doing to help the child move down and out. She must have done yoga!

We learned about the benefits of natural birth and home birthing or birthing in a midwifery unit or birthing centre. News to me was that you do not have to visit a doctor when you get pregnant – you visit the MLU (Midwifery Led Unit). Midwives deal with pregnancy and birth, doctors deal with problems, if for example you have pre eclampsia or diabetes. I thought you had to visit a consultant….. the media have certainly twisted that one!

This led us to our problem based learning. This weekend we were given this: *this is a fictional problem*    A recent newspaper report, in a leading national newspaper suggests that the rate of instrumental deliveries (means assisted birth methods i.e. induction, forceps, suction & caesarian section) is rising in Ireland. You are part of an expert group requested to advise the Minister of Health on this issue.     The class was divided into two and set to work…. My group had two yoga instructors and two mothers, one being a midwife. Go Team! (I had to present to the other group and Lisa the next day) Our response was a tad controversial – not ready to share on Blog yet….

We watched one more super fun and interesting DVD…. Orgasmic Birth, The Best Kept Secret. If this was out in the media more than the typical hospital led, panic and patient style TV programs then we would all look at birth in a totally different light. We think we have to go to hospital because we saw it on the TV and in Movies; it is shown as panic in the car and put on a gown and be wheeled into surgery to have the baby. But this DVD shows how it can go if you allow your body do its miraculous work. Check out the Trailer. The full DVD shows some women having a seriously good time….

So that is Module I complete  – I have a fair bit of study and homework to do, I hope to update you with all I am learning and provide you with some useful websites that may help inform you more.

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