New Moon & Autumn Equinox

The New Moon is in Libra on the 24th September. New Moon energy is all about embracing a new beginning. Using the energy for the aligned sun and moon to propel you forward with your intentions. New Moon in Libra is all about being your authentic self. Stripping away restriction that you or others may hold, and embracing who you truly are. It is about finding your voice and not being afraid to speak your truth. Enjoying conversations, exchange of ideas and the relationships that come from this inhibited expression. Join my Throat Chakra Yoga Workshop to practice with a similar theme. More info here>>

Balance is key, as the autumn equinox lands on the 23rd September. The end of this year’s summer, and the transition before the depth of winter. Take a moment to reflect over your summer, not just the months gone by, but the projects you have completed, your accomplishments and achievements. Autumn is a time to no longer push, but to rather enjoy your efforts and bask in your self-realisations.

Just like the leaves falling from the trees to reveal the bare trees. Strip away the aspects of you that you inhabit for the sake of others, no longer feel the need to be that person for anyone other than yourself. Embrace your authentic self and love it! Love the liberty you receive by expressing your true nature.

Take some time to chill out, reflect and BE in the energy of the coming days. This is your time to shine and be comfortable in your own space.

This New Moon Energy is an enlightening one. The resting time following a big transition, or all the action that you may have been caught up in. Look at it this month offer a time for rejuvenation, restoration and serenity.

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