NEW MOON ECLIPSE: What’s is all about?

The New Moon lands this Thursday 23rd Oct. It is also a Solar Eclipse. New Moon is a time of great energy, we are not able to see the Moon as she is now between us, the Earth and the Sun.  On the very rare occasions the Moon and Sun meet at the exact same location and cause an eclipse. Meaning if we were in the right part of the world we could see a ring of light illuminate the dark moon. For that moment they meet the normally hidden New Moon is seen. Quite Spectacular.

What does this all mean?

The New Moon brings us an energy that can propel us to go forward and get things done. It is a time that we may be more productive with our actions. A lot of people notice a time of great inspiration, your mind is awake with thoughts, ideas and intuition.

As the moon effects the water, the tides of the sea and the water within us…. Our emotions, some people will notice the wave of their emotions runs higher or lower – the ebb and flow is more tangible at the time of Full and New Moon.

The eclipse heightens your awareness even more that normal. Have you already noticed with the lead up to the New Moon Eclipse that you are on the ball, your gut instinct is spot on or your hunch was right? Well that could be due to the perfect pairing of aligned energy of the Sun and Moon. Think of it like a laser beam and a key hole. With the right timing an accuracy the laser beam manages to peer though the key hole and heighten your awareness. You are in direct alignment with these two polarities. It is a great moment of balance.

So what can you do with this energy?

Use it to your advantage. Get clear about what you want. Set those intentions and desires in motion. Believe and trust. New Moon is always a great time for setting goals and planting the seeds of your desires. See the New Moon Rituals for more>>

Use this balance energy to see the whole picture, perhaps step back from a project, situation or relationship, give yourself the time to enjoy some personal space, this will enable you to BE with your own energy, to feel it, to hear it. All you need to do is trust your intuition, don’t neglect the answers that are right there for you.

Wanna know more about how to raise your awareness and harness this energy, not just now but always? 3 TIPS TO HEIGHTEN YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS

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