Rewiring of your Mind – New Moon in Aquarius


Happy Monday & Happy New Moon!

Don’t you love when newness starts on a Monday! It feels extra potent – like you are super charged ready to spring into action.  Not only is it a Monday and a New Moon- it is also the Chinese New Year! The year of the Monkey. Bringing us the energy of quick-wittedness, innovation, curiosity and a little bit of mischievousness! I can feel it buzzing about – spring is in the air…. Nearly 😉 and life is ready to grow anew!

“The change you want to see in the world, begins with you. Change your mind to change your life.” ~ Kelly Rosano

Aquarius - By Josephine Wall

New Moon in Aquarius

Energy Insights:

Today’s New Moon is in Aquarius (8th Feb 2016) – Aquarius: Fixed Air, representing – internal, reflective communication and focused thinking, and our connection to the collective mind.

The Water Bearer that pours the cleansing waters down to earth from above enhancing the growth of life. That, paired with the internal stirrings of your breath (fixed air) a new perspective and outlook is born and the ability to tap into collective consciousness brings action to your thoughts and goals.

Having spent time preparing your goals and resolutions for 2016, it is now time to reflect within and deeply cleanse your thoughts. Allow a quiet inner focus recalibrate your internal technology (mind) and help you to resurface with a transformed sense of spirit. A curiosity and interest in the world around you. Carpe Diem!

Carpe Diem

Take a big deep breath and seize this day!

It is life imitating nature – as we emerge from winter ready to embrace spring we need a moment of reflection to help us appreciate the dark times that can cloud our judgement and thinking processes but that also taught us valuable lessons.  But equally a moment (a deep breath) to prepare ourselves to step forward ready to embrace the changes ahead with a renewed sense of self.

Like I said so far in previous posts this year – there would be a slightly slow start to this year, small stop-starts. But now, at this New Moon, go back, refine and recommit to your New Year’s goals. Then look up to the dark sky of the tonight’s New Moon and wish on a twinkling star that you be filled with this enlightened Aquarian energy. Then use this energy to initiate what you truly desire

Aquarius New Moon

Yoga Practice:

This New Moon energy can be an energetically boosting time, particularly for those more heady (air) types (myself included). Pace yourself and don’t feel overwhelmed by your thoughts and ideas. This is where journaling can help – write it all out (a good mind dump) and then take from it what you need over the next few weeks.

Aquarius governs the ankles and our bioelectrical system. The ankles are a small point in our skeletal system but a significant mechanism that enables us to move with freedom and ease. The ankles represent our ability to enjoy bliss or pleasure. Be grateful for your ankles, walk with awareness of your ankles and the simple pleasures they help you to experience.

Our bioelectrical system = our subtle energy. This is the energy our cells give off, the electromagnetic signals that continuously communicate in and around our entire being: From our high self and universal surrounds (the energy insights I write of that affect us all on a subtle level) to our personal chakras, from our emotions and thoughts to our senses and neurology, and from our nervous system to our denser physical body. Energetic communication (bioelectrical system) is ever present – even without your awareness!

All yoga practices – asana (body movement), pranayama (breathwork), meditation etc. … works on our subtle body and our bioelectrical system. So you can’t go wrong this week with your yoga practice. All your need to do is have the intention and focus on your inner awareness.


Breath Awareness – take a moment to just sit and listen to your breath. The ultimate practice for this Aquarian New Moon energy. (Fixed Air = internal focus of your breath and thoughts)

  • When you stop and do your pranayama practice focus on the quality of your breath. Be patient with the breath when you first sit down to start and cultivate the awareness as your breath gradually adjusts to its natural rhythm if let to bathe in bliss.
  • Inhale: deeply. Exhale: fully. Watch that for a few breaths.
  • Become increasingly aware of the pattern of your breath. Inhale to fill up, Pause to absorb, Exhale to empty, Pause to recalibrate. Then start the pattern again.
  • Listen to the quality of each breath. The sounds that differ from inhale and exhale.
  • Feel the movement of your torso as you breathe. Where in your body is each part of your breath targeting?
  • This only needs to take 5 mins, but can radically transform the energy that you hold and emanate.

Yoga poses 1

Ankle Stretch – a wonderful pose to open and strengthen the ankles. I like to do this one in a pair start with Thai Goddess Pose (or Toe Squat) to stimulate all the meridian points in the feet and ease tension in the shoulder (reflex point across the pads of the feet) after a few mins of that (p.s. some of you may find this unbearable – so start to build up your strength on the knees instead of fully sitting back) release the toes and come into Ankle Stretch as a wonderful counter pose.

Half Bound Lotus Pose (standing) – one of my favourite balancing poses. This can be done seated (Ardha Baddha Padma Paschimottanasana) and standing (Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana). Great preparation for half lotus or full lotus. Modification Tree Pose or try these variations to build strength.

Revolved Angel Pose – a wonderful pose to wring out the spine and reactivate the central nervous system.

Lotus Pose (Padmasana) – seated pose that involves cradling your ankles in the crease of your folded legs. The traditional meditation pose. (NB. Never force yourself or your ankles into this pose. It is advanced and its effect can still be achieved by sitting in a comfortable crossed legged position)     Use either of these poses to end your practice with a New Moon Meditation. Repeat the mantra “I allow bliss into my life, I am ready to receive pleasure and joy.”

Yoga poses 2

New Moon Blessings!