Set your Boundaries with these 7 Techniques

Feel like you are being pushed around? Do you find it hard to be assertive?

Don’t let others get the better of you, have self-respect and feel comfortable in your place. The best way to become self-assured and confident is to set clear boundaries that you adhere to. No one else needs to know of them but you. Hold yourself accountable to the boundaries you set. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Time Management: Keep a diary, a schedule or what you need to get done on each day. Keep to do lists and don’t add to it until other items are ticked off. Be strict with your time. Remember to schedule time to relax too, time off is needed in order to not feel overwhelmed or strung out.
  2. Be Decisive: Decision making is the best way to set boundaries, you have made up your mind, you follow that choice, and if you need to change it you can. But sitting on the fence will lead to endless procrastination and boundaries are pushed.
  3. Be Proactive: Once you have made a decision, follow it through. Take the necessary action to complete your task.
  4. Posture: Your posture says a lot about your confidence and self-respect. When you are standing or walking, stand tall, upright and not in a cocky way but be proud.
  5. Core work: Core exercises help your posture. They strengthen your back and tummy, helping you to sit or stand, walk and be active in a supported manner. Boat Pose, pilates, Plank and TRX all great to building core muscles.
  6. Respect: yes, Respect for yourself and others is key to solid boundaries.  You need to be respectful to others wishes as they may not be comfortable with your boundaries and you cannot impose on others without their acceptance. Likewise, respect your time and boundaries, this will help you to honour who you are and what you are about.
  7. Happy!! Be Happy, laugh and have fun. Boundaries often give off a feeling of walls up, stern and strict but they are only a help if you are out of control and feeling overwhelmed. Everything in a fine balance, without fun or joy in your life these boundaries become walls that you lock yourself within. So learn to use them when necessary but also to break free and let the hair down too. Smiling, laughing and playing send positive endorphins around your body. This will elevate any overwhelm or stress and help you to relax!

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