Simple Tip to take charge of Anxiety

Anxiety and worry is totally natural, especially if you are going through a tough relationship or a breakdown. It is a challenging emotion and a hard one to ignore.

Mindful exercise:

When you find yourself getting caught up in the ‘what if’ mentality, pause and check in with NOW. Right now is there something you can shift your attention to that is positive.  Find that something, anything, and be with the emotion it brings to you.

For example: ….Your mind is wandering to the negative what if, pulse is starting to race and thoughts are in over-active panic mode…’s like a movie with high suspense. You want to look away but you are caught in the moment….

Catch yourself and pause. Get real, in this moment. 

Look around the space you are in now. What do you see? Is there something that pleases your eyes.

Take this back to the basics senses… Can you hear a bird chirping, music playing, kids laughing… can you smell food or baking?

What do these instant senses give you. It is a distraction, but it causes you to pause and get into the now. Trick the mind and create a good habit of getting yourself to pause and be present. This exercise will help to create a habit of being present and seeing the good in the present.

Anxiety is a negative habit, a game our mind plays in order to control our ego and body. Take control of your life. I am not saying this is easy, but if anxiety rules your life then it is up to you to start catching yourself, take responsibility. This is something I deal with and have or years, but mindful exercises make a massive difference and train the mind to react in different more positive ways.


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