Summer Solstice

This Friday 20th June 2014 is the eve of the Summer Solstice. Well, in the Northern hemisphere it is. Southern Hemisphere folk – you have the opposite – Winter Solstice. 

Both are a wonderful astrological and energetic time of peak energy. 

Take time this Friday to be grateful of the energy you have and life you live and for all those you share your life with.

Please thank the Earth for all it gives us. Spend a few moments giving a Earth Healing to all who inhabit our planet. Your Loving intention and a few moments of mindfulness is all that is needed. 

Sit and meditate on this day. Allow the energy to rise and peak in you too – but hold it there. Hold that high of energy. Hold the Energy High in the Earth and keep it at this level with your intention and meditation. 

When you meditate on healing the planet connect to the ley lines and chakra points of Mother Earth. Just like us energy travels around this planet. When healing send the healing the the core and then draw it up the the ley lines and into the sacred sites and Chakra points so this healing is felt universally within us all.

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