Come to me for an initial consultation and we can discuss your options. Within the initial consultation I cover a taster of what I have on offer. I will go through your health history and various questions to help me determine your needs, then we may do some yoga (in a chair or on the mat – up to you), cover basic breathing exercises, and end with a relaxing meditation and some energy healing. Initial Consultation is €70 when in Dublin/ £90 when in the UK

Going on from there, you could start with 3- 5 sessions for Coaching and Energy Healing- this tends to be sufficient, with only one or two follow ups, depending on your needs. And for Yoga 1:2:1 most of my clients are long term, 10- 15 sessions, coming once/twice a week.

Read More Below to find out about each service & a book a session or contact danielle@yogaenergy.ie




Feeling a bit off balance?

Are you going through an emotional situation and you are becoming overwhelmed?

 Then why not get your energy levels checked and re-balanced with a relaxing Intuitive Energy Healing Session.

What is Energy Healing?   It is a form of healing that works on your subtle body (electromagnetic field), balancing your system from a deeper level having an overall effect on your physical body, mental clarity and emotional responses.

Each session can vary depending on your needs and what I intuitively pick up on. Sometimes you may need to clear negative energy that you are holding on to subconsciously.

Do you want to cut ties with people that are not serving your energy well. You might want to connect with a loved one on a higher lever and resolve relationship issues. You may even be unaware of what your subtle body is holding on to and a little help can make big issues dissolve.

I use a combination of healing modalities that I have extensively trained in, such as Reiki, Angel Healing®, Angel Card Reading, Colour & Crystal Therapy, and Chakra Balancing. I also use a lot of yoga and meditation techniques that make the treatments very relaxing. Not to mention my intuition which I have always had since a child but in recent years of embracing it fully I rely on it for all my sessions.

“I went to Danielle recently for Energy Healing, I left feeling a 100 times better, it was like a cloud had been lifted. My sleep improved hugely, I have been having really deep sleep and waking up refreshed and ready for the day! Danielle has an amazing way of leading you through the session and the meditation was just fantastic. I’m really looking forward to my next one. Exactly what I needed for me right now! I cannot recommend Danielle highly enough, she’s an amazing healer and a fantastic yoga teacher. Thank you so much Danielle, you’ve really helped me” – Ruth Whelan


What is an Energy Healing Treatment like? I start with an initial consultation, (sometimes having a person outside of the situation to just talk things through is more therapeutic) then I do a card reading or crystal therapy. I then use guided meditation or breathing exercises to calm the nervous system to help you relax and lay on the plinth that is when I carry out the energy reading, testing your chakras and aura. You can fall asleep or focus on your breath and meditation- relax and chill out time!

Energy Healing treats the whole person including physical body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include feelings of peace and serenity, security and well-being.

Please click on the links below to see my articles on:

Angel Healing, Colour therapy >>

Crystal Healing Chakra Balancing / Energy Healing>>


I recommend coming for three sessions so you can get a deeper healing. But it is totally up to you. One session might be all that your soul needs. If it is a deeper issue give yourself the time to heal your body on all the levels that I work on.

Are you ready to do something great for your body, your mind and your soul? Book your consultation now. Email danielle@yogaenregy.ie or call me on my mobile: (Ireland) +353 87 692 2309    (UK) +44 (0) 7487 659740


Let your light shine and glow to its full potential, seeping into all avenues of your life!


Pay in full by cheque or cash on arrival or click on the buttons below to pay by Paypal. Receipts available upon request.

I also teach Energy Healing Workshops. Click here for more>> 



Move your body with awareness!

My classes fun and energetic. I love to share my passion for yoga. I like to link each class to the energies of the Universe, – What does that mean? I like to make the class about what is going on now. I theme my yoga to astrology, to your energy and to mine.
Yoga is more than just movement. Why do you move your body? I make it so your movement links to what you specifically need, what your body, emotions mind and soul need.

Yoga is a practice for your entire well-being, it works not only on the physical level, but also on the emotional and mental bodies. This practice is essentially a spiritual exercise to promote health and well-being from within.”  -Danielle

My yoga is accessible for all, I will read your needs and make it a peaceful time focused on meditation and reflecting within with deep stretched and soft flows. Or I will build heat in your body to detoxify and build strength and challenge your mind.          

Hire me as your Personal Yoga Instructor!

Learning yoga one-on-one allows you to explore yoga at your own pace, making your practice unique depending on each week. This is the best way to learn how to take yoga into your heart and make it more than a class but more of a life practice.
I teach various styles of yoga:

Chakra Yoga
Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Ashtanga Yoga
Yin Yoga
Restorative Yoga
Baby Yoga & Massage
Prenatal Yoga
Postnatal Yoga & Pilates 

Benefits of going private:

Improve your practice

Get that one to one advice and care

Be able to tailor your practice to your specific needs

Yoga is a wonderful way to de-stress, to calm the mind, to energise the body and to uplift the soul. You choose the style and pace of your tailor made yoga class. Learn correct alignment, breathing techniques and how to meditate. I can come to your home or you can come to my studio.
Call Danielle for booking +353 87 692 2309 or E-mail danielle@yogaenergy.ie

FREE Sequences
For a home practice try some of my sequences. Click the links below>>

Want a Once Off?                Book one session for €70 or €90 for 90 min
Want to Get Ahead?            Book five sessions for €330
Want to Lead the Crowd?  Book ten sessions for €640
Advanced Progression        Fifteen Sessions €900


I offer many clients 1:2:1 private guided meditation sessions. This is wonderful for establishing a home meditation practice which is proven to enhance your mental state and wellbeing. During a meditation session we will do some basic yoga movements, in a chair if this is more comfortable, I can do face yoga with you (excellent de-stressor and good for the facial muscles) I will also focus on Breathing Exercises

Try these in the mean time:-

 3 Part Breath

Balancing Breath

Please contact me for more information danielle@yogaenergy.ie or (+353) 087 692 2309

Prenatal Yoga & Pilates Sessions

Build strength, understand your body, learn the power of your breath, ease tension and learn movements suitable for active birth.

Prenatal Yoga is a fantastic way to prepare your body and mind for birth and mother hood. Prenatal Yoga will help you learn to relax and learn how to take control of your breathing. Breathing and relaxation skills will be essential in letting nature take its course during labour. Prenatal Yoga can also help stretch out and strengthen your body that will help your body cope with the huge changes going on and prepare for the birth of your baby or babies.

The Benefits

Relaxes: Relaxes mind and body

Breathing Skills: Teaches breathing techniques to use throughout pregnancy, labour and birth

Increases strength: Yoga is a low-impact form of exercise that can help you to maintain muscle tone and strength. While your body is naturally more flexible due to the changing hormones, you should be cautious to avoid muscle strain.

Stay Active: Keeping up with a regular exercise program in pregnancy is important. Help support the body through the changes of pregnancy and prepares for active pregnancy and birth

Alleviate discomfort: The gentle stretching motions will help to relieve the kinks, aches and pains that seem to compound daily. You’ll walk easier and feel less pressure and strain in your hips and back. Mention specific problem areas that you have so your instructor can concentrate on movements to help.

Empower & Trust: Empowers you to trust and listen your body, giving you the confidence and information to know how to birth your baby

Finding Support: You’ll find a great sense of community in a prenatal yoga class, as you can seek advice and provide it to the group of pregnant women attending with you.

Suitable for

You can attend prenatal yoga from 14 weeks onwards.
Sessions incorporate energy healing, with sound, colour, crystals or breath


Mom & Baby Yoga Sessions / Baby Massage

Fun Sessions for you and Baby! – Contact Danielle for more info and booking.      If you cannot make it to my home studio, I can travel to your home if you have a few friends and babies that wish to practice together. Contact for prices and info -These classes can be tailored just for mama to re shape and get strong or for relaxation and baby play!

Mom & Baby Yoga is a wonderful way to bond with your baby and prepare your body and mind for and motherhood. Mom & Baby Yoga will focus on gentle exercises to restore your shape and physical well-being after child birth, teaching you fun ways to turn exercises into infant engagement and infant stimulation. Mom & Baby Yoga will also strengthen your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles and teach you breathing techniques to help you stay calm and present in new situations.

The Benefits

Bonding: Allowing mom that special time to bond with her new baby. Eye to eye, Skin to skin, including baby in postures that are beneficial for both mom and baby

Socialising & Networking: Exposing baby to outside/ other babies. Meet and interact with other mums and babies in your area. Share tips and ideas in class and have a listening ear to issues arising.

Increases strength: Yoga will gently strengthen and tone the muscles. It re-conditions the body after pregnancy, a great way to gently introduce the body to exercise again. Working on pelvic floor and abdominal strength and It will also reduces tightness and tension.

Relax & Sleep better: Relaxes mind and body, helping you and baby sleep better

Breathing Skills: Teaches breathing technique to keep you calm and present

Confidence: Trying/ Learning new things for baby helps build confidence for mother handling baby

Play time: Creating special time for you and your baby to play using sound, learning rhymes, singing and dancing

Massage and touch: Baby gets relief from gas pains and colic. Will assist with digestion and build a healthier with a stronger immune system

All senses stimulation: Motor movement /sensor stimulation. Receive neuromuscular stimulation

Suitable for

Mothers can attend after their post partum check-up (6 weeks or 10 for a C-section). Dads Welcome too!
Classes incorporate energy healing, with sound, colour, crystals or breath


Birth preparation – Breathing and Meditation

Bring your birthing partner along and both of you can experience and play with breathing exercises, meditations techniques and birthing/labour positions. Become empowered to birth the new confident you and your baby.

Recommended Reading and DVD/ CD List for Pre & Post Natal


A Lobour of Love – Sighle Mc Donnell and Dee O’Rourke – Irish Produced

Tara Lee – Bump, Birth and Beyond. Any of Tara’s DVD’s are great for all stages of Pregnancy, Birth and Post Natal Period

Shiva Rea –  Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga & Mama & Baby Yoga DVD

Sitaram Mother Nurture Yoga – Gentle yoga for the transition to motherhood

Mother’s Breath – Triple audio CD set ( book also available)

Sitaram has some really nice products, books, DVD, and CD’s. Buy here at: http://www.sitaram.org/sitaram/buy-products/


Mother’s Breath – A definitive guide to yoga breathing, sound and awareness practices during pregnancy, birth and postnatal recovery By Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, PhD

Gentle Birth Method: Month by moth Program by Dr Gowri Motha & Karen Swan Mac Leod

Gentle First Year: Essentail Guide to Mother and baby well being in the first 12 months by Dr Gowri Motha & Karen Swan Mac Leod

Natural Pregnancy: Complementary therapies for preconception, pregnancy and postnatal care by Zita West

Active Birth: a new approach to giving birth  naturally by Janet Balaskas

Yoga for pregnancy and birth by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, PhD

Any books by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, PhD are fab, Check out http://www.teachyourself.com/parenting


This is becoming more and more popular with my clients. Is your curiosity getting the better of you? And are you seeking something more from life? You want to take control and find the harmony in your own way, right?! Great, well I offer just the solution: I will coach and mentor you to assist you to find the best out of your life.

I teach a variety of techniques like:

Intuition Development – Learn to speak your souls language!

Energy Healing, Angel & Crystal Healing – Take charge and learn how to heal your life!

Chakra Balancing – Simple signs to navigate you through life!

Meditation & Yoga & Breathing exercises – Learn to relax in order to connect to something GREAT!

Mantra/ Affirmations – Change your mental patterns that are keeping you from advancing!


Learn more about the links between – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Tailor made program to suit your needs. I can come to your home or you can come to my studio.

Call me for a free consultation or booking +353 87 692 2309   or   E-mail danielle@yogaenergy.ie





    What is Chakra Analysis? Chakra Analysis is a process of scanning your chakra system, in person or remotely. Then working on energy healing and techniques to heal and improve such chakra energy imbalances.

I do this Chakra Analysis as part of all my energy healing sessions, and I can offer this service remotely too, via skype or email.

     What is distant healing? Distant healing is a form of energy healing that anyone can do with good intention. You are sending energy to a person, place or thing. It is a lovely gift of an energy boost. We automatically do this when we think fondly of someone or ‘send our best wishes’ to them. The difference with distance healing is I spend more time focusing on the energy I am sending.

What I do is intuitively tap into the person’s subtle body (energy) and ascertain what areas need healing. Just as I would in an in-person session I will meditate on healing that energy flow. Likewise, just as I do in an in-person session, I will inform you about your reading. I will offer tips, exercises and meditations.

What you need to do: I will ask you to take some time to meditate or relax, or take a nap! This helps you receive the distance healing. Your intention is on relaxing and opening up your channels of energy.

We will converse via Skype.

Distant Healing time of sessions can last 30mins to 50 mins.

Cost €50   PURCHASE with PAYPAL

You will receive a card reading and my interpretation, a guided meditation/breathing exercise, and exercises to assist your energy healing.

To schedule a session connect to (My Calendly link) for available sessions, email me (contact form link) or schedule a 15 min call (my calendly link)

**As a special offer I am opening 5 FREE mini sessions of distance healing to take place on the Full Moon of every month. The first 5 people to email me their full name and an image (profile) of themselves will receive a healing on the Full Moon. **