Video of 3 Yin Yoga Poses

3 Yin poses with various modifications. (Shoelace, Pigeon and Saddle Pose)

This sequence will open up hips and lower back. Hold each pose for a minimum of 5 full long breaths (inhale and exhale =1 breath)

To view the video click the link Yin Yoga -3 poses to open hips and back

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Start with seated meditation & set and intention (a goal for practice: perhaps relaxation, space in heart and head… peace!) Take 3 full deep breaths to calm nervous system and then begin.
1. Shoelace pose – internal hip rotation – try not to slump into back, keep heart lifted up and forward. Use a pillow on legs when leaning over as a modification.

2. Pigeon pose – hip opener to ease sciatica or low back pain. No nice to use many props and pillows so you are comfortable to let go into pose.

3. Saddle pose – Stretches knees and quads. Caution if you have back pain. Modify by doing one leg at a time. No need to recline all the way back if you can’t. Use pillows and bolsters to keep you propped in this pose.

Finish with Savasana – lying flat on mat maybe a pillow under knees and breathe slowly from ten to one, with every breath try to relax more. If your mind pulls you away before you reach one, then start back at ten.



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